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Qeshm Island
Qeshm Island

Visit the largest island in the Persian Gulf and also the largest non-independent island in the world. Visit a wonderful ancient cave, get dazzled by the fantastic natural attractions, the star valley, the beautiful sea birds, Hara Jungle. Savor flavorful traditional bread and delicious seafood. Relax while watching birds and the sunset. You will not want to leave this place!

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Qeshm is the Largest Island in the Persian Gulf and also the largest independent island in the world, which is located in a strategic location. Because of the booming market and importation of goods, major and private ports are very important. The old name of the island during the Sassanian era was Abrkavan. Qeshm is now considered part of Hormozgan province of Iran. Among the tourist attractions of the island are the Namakdan salt dome, Star Valley, Portuguese fortresses and beaches. Tomoshy Bread is a very thin local bread with a special sauce, filled with eggs and cheese in the dough and will be baked. Qeshm special drink is milk-tea.


What's Included




Drive to Hara Jungle and excursion into this Mangro jungle, explore the jungle and see some rare birds. Drive to Chahcoh and visit this geological destination after that enjoy of the valley of Tandisha (valley of Statues). Then Drive to Goran village and visit the largest handicraft that you ever seen (Lenj: a kind of ship).


Drive to Berke Kholaf village and explore Stars Valley the geological destination. Visit Naz Islands in route to Khurbas caves (carved by human long time ago.) After visiting the caves Drive into Crocodile park and meet these animals. Then Drive to Qeshm city and visit Portugalian castle close to the Persian Gulf.


Drive to Shib Deraz village and get ready to visit the smart Dolphins of Daryestan Gulf by sailing in this beautiful gulf. Have excursion in the Hengam Island and visit the Silver lake tothis Island. Then get back to the Shiv Deraz village and wait to see a Hawksbill sea turtle.


Drive to The west of Qeshm Island, Start the Journey to the Center of the Earth into the Namakdan Cave under the enormous salty Dome. Then Drive to Laft village, Visit Chahcoh in route to Laft village and have stopped at Goran village and visit Lenj workhouse. Visit the special wind catcher of Laft village and enjoy the mysterious view of the left village at sunset.


Sailing the Strait of Hormuz by sea bus to Explore the Colorful Island in a day. First Drive to Portugalian castle and visit this historical heritage. After that Drive to Colorfull Mountain and enjoy this geological miracle. Visit the Red clay mine whit the chance of visit Gazals. Excursion in the Statuses Vally of Hormuz Island and stop at the Rug lake to visit the rug made by the various colored clays of Hormuz Island.


Sailing the Strait of Hormuz by boat to Explore under the sea water of Persian Gulf Close to the Larak Island. Dive into the sea and visit the unexplored environment.



6 reasons to travel to Qeshm:

  1. The biggest island in Iran and it is bigger than some countries like Bahrein
  2. 3 islands like: Hengam. Hormoz and Lark and their special natures
  3. Special geology attractions like: Stars valley (Qeshm is a Geology park)
  4. Traditional foods like: Ghelye mahi stew, Havari fish, Zibon havoor and Pudini (made by Shark meat)
  5. Visit ancient loggings
  6. Qeshm has the biggest Avicennia marina, UNESCO announced it as Biosphere Reserve


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2018-08-18 | by HiPersia Executive unit
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kumudumaali jayasundera
i like to visit Qeshm island during July-august. I'm a srilankan. I would like to stay 3,4 days in this island. would like to know your tour packages and how can i get visa?
Hipersia replied 2017/05/19
kumudumaali jayasundera, Hi Thanks for the comment. Let us be in touch with you by your email. We will send you an email as soon as possible. Hipersia
Dear Sir,
Is it possible arrange the tour of Qeshm including the air tickets to/from Dubai?iIf possible, please let me know the schedule of the flight. We need the visa just visit Qesum for 3 or 4 days from Dubai ? We fly from Japan and Japanese nationality.
Unknown replied 2016/11/21
​Dear Nanako Hamamoto, Hi Thank you for the email. In order to give you a suitable itinerary and price, We should ask some questions. We send you email and answer your request.
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