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Ardabil and Sareyn
Ardabil and Sareyn

Visit the shrine of Shaykh Safi al-Din Ardabili a great Sufi leader, bargain in the bazaars and sample tasty souvenirs, take advantage of the great properties of Spa water treatment in a desirable climate and savor many of the super delicious dishes of Persian cuisine.



Visit one of the main sights in the city of Ardabil in northwest Iran, the shrine of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili, who died in 1334. The sheikh was a Sufi leader, who trained his followers in Islamic mystic practices. Ardabil rugs are renowned and the ancient Ardabil Carpets are considered some of the best of the classical Persian carpet creations. Through different periods of history Ardabil has developed various craft courses in order to present and export to various communities. When travelling there, you really must try some of the traditional dishes, as there is a great variety of food, traditional deserts and sweets, and the quality of their honey is renowned.

Sareyn, which is located in Ardebil and considered the most important and attractive county of Ardabil, is famous for its Abgarms (“warm spas”). The Sareyn springs are near an inactive volcano in mount Sabalan and its water contains sulphur particles. Many people believe that its mineral water is good for bone and joint pains. The word sareyn means "spring’s outlet”. The climate and hot springs are the first attractions to tourists who travel to this region from different parts of Iran and the world. Hot springs have always been in Sareyn but the 1990s earthquake caused some of them to get colder or hotter. The water is heated largely by the Sabalan Mountain which is Iran's third highest mountain after Damavand and Alam Kuh. There are 9 hot springs in Sareyn, with “Gavmesh Goli” being the hottest, with water reaching 67 degrees, and turning out around 80 liters per second from the source. There are also several cold water springs nearby, with the most popular being situated in a small village nearby called 'Vila Dareh' - the water here is fizzy and is very good for the kidneys. Sareyn is also famous for its “Ashe Dooq” (yogurt soups), during the busy summer periods: it is not uncommon for many of the local shops to be seen selling and preparing this soup.


What's Included




Visit the mausoleum of Sheikh Safi UNESCO listed and Shorabil Lake



5 reasons to travel to Ardabil and Sarein:

  1. 40,000 years’ history has been found in Ardabil
  2. The beautiful Sabalan peak
  3. Too many hot water springs with health benefits in Sarein
  4. Sarshir and natural honey, Ash-e-doogh and delicious Kebab
  5. A trip to Heyran foothills and Fandoghloo jungles


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2017-01-14 | by HiPersia Executive unit

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