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Tour From ancient to the deep desert of Persia
Tour From ancient to the deep desert of Persia

13 days Iran Tour, Ancient to the deep desert

Tour From ancient to the deep desert of Persia. You can choose some of our suggested Tour From 13 days Iran Tour and we tailor your Tour From 13 days Iran Tour on your preferred attractions. View our 13 days Iran Tour.

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Overview of 13 days Iran Tour

This intense 2-week journey reveals the secrets of Iran and is crammed with all the activities and energy you crave. Iran is famed for its ancient past but its present is pretty darn compelling, too.

The man-made and natural wonders of Persepolis and central desert have been drawing travelers here for ages, but the grandeur of Iran has remained a secret known only to the boldest of thrill-seekers.



Is this 13 days Iran Tour for me?


Travel style: Classic

All of the highlights, culture, access, and I-can’t-believe-we-did-that moments, all at a great price.

Service level: Camping

Camping most nights with some hotel stays to start and throughout; affordable public and private transport

Physical rating: Average

Some tours may include light hiking, biking, rafting, or kayaking in addition to walking



What's Included in 13 days Iran Tour



desert of Persia



 Itinerary (13 days Iran Tour):




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2022-08-14 | by Ramtin Alipoor
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