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The Castle of Assassins
The Castle of Assassins

Alamut Castle is one of the unique historical fortresses in Iran. The Alamut Castle, located in Alamut region in Qazvin province. The Castle was built over a cliff in altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. The cliff is above the surrounding land about 200 meters and the castle area is 20,000 square meters. This castle is one of the attractions of Qazvin province.

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The Alamut Castle was the central of the intense military activity for the Shi'a Nizari Ismai'lis under the leadership of Hassan Sabbah (hasan ibn saba). Hassan Sabbah captured many fortresses and organize a strong and rigid military group in order to struggle against the government of Abbasian and the Seljuq Empire. Hassan Sabah always fought against the Abbasian caliphs and the Seljuq Empire and never obeyed them and always won in all battles. Hassan Sabah was a genius of military affairs and had many impervious castles, so his territory hadn’t been captured by any military power, until his goverment was collapsed by the Mongol invasion.

Due to its strategic position and design of the castle structure and walls, it is one of the most impervious castles. Another feature of the castle is the existence of a pond. If we completely empty the water, it is filled again with water, because of its installation of the water supply system.

The castle of Alamut is called "the castle of Hassan" by the local people of Alamut region. The castle consists of two parts, the western and eastern parts in each section, which is divided into two parts: the castle and the upper castle. The length of the castle is about 120 meters and its width is variable from 10 to 35 meters in different locations. Unfortunately, there are not much remains of the castle, only 30 percent of The Alamut Castle is preserved.

At the top of the mountain there is a tunnel with an approximate length of 6 meters and a height of 2 meters. You can see the remains of the south tower of the castle and its western wall when you pass through this passage. The tunnel has been used as an observation post.


The Alamut Castle overlooks the Sialan peak, so it is obviously seen if the sky is clear. You can enjoy the stunning scenery of the valley at the bottom of the castle. On the way to the Alamut Castle, there are two houses which serve the passengers with mouthwatering local food.

You can find rental rooms or Suites in Gazer Khan Village where is close to the Alamut Castle. You can find the local vendor who sells a variety of their products such as Indigenous vegetables and Walnut. 

Due to have permission to enter there, the foreign visitors are better to travel there by the travel agency. The entrance fee to Alamut Castle is about 250.000 IRR for foreign visitors. The site is open from 8AM to 8PM.


The best time to go to the Alamut Castle is on summer between August and September. It’s better to avoid exploring there at the noon because of heat stroke.


The Alamut Castle, located in the northeast of the Gazer Khan Village in Qazvin province. The distance from Tehran to The Alamut castle is about 230 kilometers and it takes about 4 hours via Tehran-Qazvin Road. After driving about 150 kilometers, you see a signpost that is pointing the direction towards The Alamut Castle. The Alamut has a mountainous winding road with spectacular and picturesque landscape that you can enjoy relaxing in such a pleasant weather.


So, to get the Alamut Castle, you should pass through the steps and it takes about 45 minutes with a slope of about 35 degrees. This is a semi-heavy climbing route for amateurs. You can get a ride on a donkey or a horse which cost you about 100,000 IRR, although we don’t recommend using that!

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