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Qom is the second-holiest city of Iran after Mashhad. This city is the home of the magnificent Hazrat-e Masumeh shrine. This magnificent shrine is the burial place of Imam Reza’s sister Fatemeh, who died here in the 9th century, so it is the physical and spiritual center of Qom.

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There are a lot of historical and traditional places to visit here. You can have an excursion along the old bazaar of Qom, visit the anthropology museum, Emam Zadeh Ahmad holly shrine and green dome garden. Explore the historical sites such as Ali Abad Caravanserai, rocky Caravanserai and visit the Seljuk minaret are really exciting. Standing and marveling at the picturesque landscapes such as the Shour spring, the Hoze Soltan Salt Lake and experience the carpet weaving and wonderful Khar Mohre workshop are absolutely bringing you a memorable and delightful journey.


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Visit Massoumeh holly shrine, Travel in history and explore the tomb of 5 kings in this city. Visit the old Bazaar of the city and the famous Timcheh. Explore the anthropology museum later Emam Zadeh Ahmad holly shrine and green dome garden.


Drive to Ali Abad village, enjoy Ali Abad Caravanserai which dates back to Qajar era, walking to rocky Caravanserai and visit the Seljuk minaret, continue to the Shour spring and walk to the Hoze Soltan salt lake, later back to Qom. Experience the carpet weaving and wonderful Khar Mohre workshop.



5 reasons to travel to Qom:

  1. Qom is the second Iranian pilgrimage city after Mashhad because of the Holy Shrine of the Lady Fatima Masooma and Jamkaran.
  2. Qom carpet is popular in the world and in fact Qom is known as the capital of the silk carpet of Iran and the world.
  3. Sohan, is the most famous souvenir of the Qom city.
  4. The delicious experience of having traditional local cuisine such as the Qanbid and Abgoosht Bozbash
  5. The tomb of some important people is located in Qom such as Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, Mohammad Shah Qajar, Abbas I of Persia, Suleiman I of Persia and Safi of Persia.       


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2017-09-17 | by HiPersia Content production
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