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Birjand is The semi-desert city of the southern Khorasan province, has many stunning gardens and historical monuments; some of these gardens are also recorded in the UNESCO World list.

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Birjand, the beautiful Eastern forgotten city, the city of Saffron, is one of the attractive cities in eastern Iran. A small town with the long history, mouth-watering food, mountains, cities, villages, and – most importantly – the amazing people who will help you appreciate it. There's way more to see and do in southern Khorasan than we could possibly cover in a few paragraphs. Here's just a few of the you-really-had-to-be-there experiences from our trips in this part of Iran. Explore the ancient sites such as the Kolah Farangi Citadel, Birjand Castle, Shokatie school and then explore the UNESCO-listed Akbarieh Garden. Overnight in the charming village of Azmighan and dine with your companies and go on an excursion to the Kharv city to walk around the region and observe the Morteza Ali Fountain and then visit the Abbasi old dam, are really an unbeatable and delightful experience to the mysterious Birjand. This journey through Birjand packs in the best of culture and adventure in three energetic days.


What's Included




Visit the Kolah Farangi Citadel, Birjand Castle, Shokatie school and then explore the UNESCO-listed Akbarieh Garden. After that, drive towards the old dam of amir Shah and visit the old dam.


Dirve from Birjand to Tabas city, visit Golshan park and the ancient castle of Tabas, go on the path to the jewel of the cities of southern Khorasan province Azmighan, visit the palm trees and the shrubs of this charming village, stop along the Chaman of Azmighan and then return towards Birjand to visit the village of Esfahk.


Dirve from Birjand to Tabas city and Continue the path to the city of Kharv, then visit the remains of the castle of Kharv (castle Shah Abbasi) and the old cedars of the city. explore from the Strait of the Kharv to Morteza Ali Fountain and then visit the Abbasi old dam.



5 Reasons to travel to Birjand:

  1. The UNESCO-listed Akbarieh Garden which belongs to the Qajar era.
  2. The Azmighan village, with its stunning Rice paddies and Date palms.
  3. The delicious experience of having local traditional cuisine such as Kashk Birjandi (Qorot)
  4. The Tabas city, The bride of Iran deserts.
  5. The Makhunik village, is one of seven amazing villages in the world that is titled as the Liliputs city.  


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