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2.5-Day Mesr tour
2.5-Day Mesr tour
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Included in the 2.5-day Mesr tour is excursions in the Meser desert, see Salt Lake polygons, explore on the sand dunes, riding a camel in the desert and visit the Bayazeh castle.







We go to Kashan overnight until we pass over Naien and Anarak to the final destination, Khur.


We arrive at Khur in the morning, after having breakfast, move towards the Mesr desert. Camel riding in the mesr desert and explore on the sand dunes is one of the pleasant activities in this region. Optional ride of ATV motors is also available in Mesr desert. After the lunch, we move towards the Salt Lake and after sunset, we come back towards the Jandaq and accommodate in local house.


After having breakfast, move towards the Bayazeh castle. So, after the lunch we come back to Tehran.


Catering and accommodation can also be arranged:





Accommodation: 1 night at the VIP bus and 1 night at the local house
5 meals included (by HiPersia): 2 breakfast & 2 lunches & 1 dinner
The number of snacks: 2 by HiPersia


Other services available:


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2017-10-15 | by HiPersia Content production
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