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18-Day camel riding tour
18-Day camel riding tour

18 days, camel riding

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On that point are a plenty of deserts in Iran, which make this part of the world the amazing place to set off a thrilling journey through the sand dunes and lost cities.

All the Hipersia active tours are customizable for a variety of flavors. Explore the amazing sand dunes, overnight at a tent and dine with local people, staring at the milky sky, visit the historical monuments and the different experience of travel on a camel which set for a variety of tastes, all of these, make this journey an unbeatable experience for those who are seeking to thrill and know more about lifestyle in the heart of the desert. This 18-day camel riding tour starts from Tehran to the central of Iran in which, you can travel through the desert and visit so many historic attractions. For instant, visiting the ancient road of Ghasr-e Bahram, walking in the Kavir National Park and camping in the Sefid Aab Camp, camel riding in the stunning deserts of Maranjab, Abouzeidabad, Matin Abad and Mesr, and visiting many historical monuments in Kashan such as Sialk Hills, the UNESCO-listed Fin Garden, Tabatabae Historical House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Underground City of Nooshabad and Khaju and Si-o-Seh Pol Bridges in Isfahan. This journey through the central desert of Iran packs in the best of culture and adventure in eighteen energetic days.


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2017-10-21 | by HiPersia Executive unit
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