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Badab-e Surt Springs, Visual Adventure
Badab-e Surt Springs, Visual Adventure

Mysterious “Badab-e Surt Arvest” springs, meaning the intensity of the sparkling water are included of 12 completely different springs from the aspect of smelling and taste.

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Mysterious “Badab-e Surt Arvest” springs, meaning the intensity of the sparkling water are included of 12 completely different springs from the aspect of smelling and taste. The flow of the spring has made the spectacular stairways on a land with an area of about three hectares and has formed in the quaternary of geology. One of these springs which is the main fountain and has very salty water has a little pond that it is mainly used for swimming and water treatment (hydrotherapy). In one part of a floor of the pond, there is a deep hole is called the Bermuda Erost.

Badabe surt

There are black sediments around the ponds which are beneficial for the treatment of back and legs, skin disease, Rheumatism and migraine. Due to the high salinity of the hole and consisting of a lot of minerals, there are no living creatures and the water doesn't freeze on winters at all. The other 11 springs in the vicinity of this main spring are very small and are known as elixir of life. Its water has a little sour taste and is permanently have some gaseous leakage like soda. There are only six somewhat similar spring like Badab-e Surt in the world. Pamukkale in Turkey, Bagni San Filippo in Italy, Agoura El Hierro in Mexico, Bayshivaytay in China, yellow stons in United States of America and The Pink Terraces, or Otukapuarangi in New Zealand. If you want to take photos go there during sunset or sunrise, when you can see a wonderful view of light reflection on the ponds. The light reflection changes color in the ponds, several times, blue, yellow, red and brown!

Badabe surt

From Tehran to Orost village, all the roadways are asphalt, but from Orost village to Badab-e Soort springs you will have to drive on a rough road for about 3 km. From the base of the mountain you have to climb about 3 km to get to the springs. You can also pay local people to take you up by trucks. We suggest climbing the mountain instead of the using the trucks. It is safer and you can enjoy the beautiful nature around too. If you want to climb the mountain instead of using the trucks, we suggest getting help from a local guide. With just a 15 minute walk you can see the wonderful springs, also you will be able to see a wonderful, impressive view of springs and mountains from the top. If you are a backpacker, it’s better not to stay in the village for the night because it’s a little difficult to find a local house for rent. There aren’t toilet facilities around the springs, but there are some small shops selling tea, dough, juices, cigarettes etc.



Visiting Badab-e Surt springs can be both interesting and sad. Today, as these wonderful springs are not protected, they are being destroyed. Tourists walk on them to take photos.

Badabe surt


Although Badab-e-Surt is beautiful in all seasons, But the best time to visit is early April. 


Badab-e Surt is located in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran, 95 kilometers south of the city of Sari, and 7 kilometers west of Orost village. It takes 8 Hours from Tehran to reach the Badab-e Surt Springs. From Tehran you can get there from both Semnan and Sari routes. Semnan routes are closer, but Sari routes are more beautiful. Bellow, you can see information about the routes. HiPersia offers an amazing two-day tour trough Badabe Surt.

- Tehran – Semnan – Mehdishahr – Shahmirzad – Foolad Mahaleh – Telma Darreh T junction – Orost village – Badab e surt springs

- Tehran – Sari – Kiasar - Telma Darreh T junction - Orost village – Badab e surt springs

2018-05-25 | by Content production unit HiPersia
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I'm interested in the two-day tour trough Badabe Surt (http://hipersia.com/en/news.cfm?id=38). Could you please give me more information on it? Times, price, accommodation, etc?
Also, beginning of November will it be a good time to visit that area?

Thank you,

Hipersia replied 2017/09/06
Dear Raluca, Hi Thank you very much for the comment. we will send our questions to your email.
Quentin LIBRE
About your 2 days tour, is the ride from Badab surt to Tehran include?
Where we sleep?
What is the price? And what is included in your price?
Hipersia replied 2017/05/20
Dear Quentin LIBRE, Hello Thanks for the comment. Yes,the price includes the transportation. We need some information about you, so we will be in touch with you by email. Hipersia
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