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Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Tehran
Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Tehran
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If you want to stay more in Tehran, you need to extend your Iran Visa. Thus, you need to refer to Police Office of Foreign Aliens. Structurally, the Police of Foreign Aliens is a protection organization whose role is to evaluate the eligibility of foreign aliens for entry, residence, employment and departure from the country.

The working hours of the Police Office of Foreign Aliens are:


The Eftekhari Police building, Kooh-e Noor Street, Shahid Motahari Street (before the Modares Highway), Tehran. You can see the Police Office of Foreign Aliens address on the map below. 



Najafi Street, Next to the Ameneh Nursery, Opposite The Mirdamad Boulevard, Valiasr Street after the Vanak Square, Tehran. You can insure the address on the map below.




Parastoo Alley, Valiasr Street (After Zartosht Street), After Valiasr Square, Tehran. You can insure the address on the map below.



Here, we put some organization's addresses that may be necessary for you to recognize that:













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