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Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort is the most important ski resorts in the Middle East and is located in the city of Karaj in the province of Alborz.

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The Dizin Ski Resort is located in the Alborz mountain range, 120 kilometers in north of Tehran and 70 kilometers from Karaj with significant sports facilities. The Dizin Ski Resort is the greatest and the foremost ski resort in Iran, which has been acknowledged by the International Ski Federation as a place for holding the official tournament due to its technical features such as the proper course slope, the length of the course, venue and its special recreational amenities. The lowest elevation of the resort is 2650m (8,694 ft.) while its highest elevation is 3600m (11,811 ft.) and that’s why the ski resort has an amazing powdery snow on it. The length of the ski slope is 7.5 kilometers.


The resort amenities include: 2 hotels, 19 cottages (chalet) and 5 restaurants and also has many ski slopes which have been equipped with 4 gondolas, 3 chairlifts and 9 Surface lifts in order to transport skiers and snowboarders. 

The entrance fee of the Dizin Ski Resort is 1,090,000 IRR from Saturday to Tuesday (except official holidays) and 1,320,000 IRR from Wednesday to Friday. The duration of using the ski resort for one day is from morning to afternoon.

Do not concern if you don’t have any ski gear. There are some shops in the resort for rent the ski gear, including skis, ski boots, ski bindings, and ski poles. The ski gear rental is variable, but the average amount is around 1,000,000 IRR. Of course, the ski gear rental is separate from the coach's cost, and if you want to have a ski instructor, you should add a cost of 600,000 IRR per hour to this price. So, let’s put on the skis and hit the slope.

There are many alternatives to accommodate in the Dizin Ski Resort, including: hotels, cottages (chalet), villas and private apartments. Dizin Hotel, is a well-known hotel for the majority of skiers at the resort. The Dizin Hotel has 80 accommodation units, which the rooms overlooking to the ski resort, with all innovative installations.



You can see the rooms and chalets price of the Dizin hotel in the table below:


Price of 1-night stay Room Type
3,000,000 IRR Double
3,880,000 IRR Triple
4,600,000 IRR Quad
7,000,000 IRR Suite (4 Person)
8,000,000 IRR Chalet (two bedroom/6 Person) (except Wednesday to Friday & official holidays)
9,500,000 IRR Chalet (two bedroom/9 Person)
11,000,000 IRR Chalet (two bedroom/6 Person) (except Wednesday to Friday & official holidays)
14,000,000 IRR Chalet (two bedroom/9 Person)

*The room prices exclude breakfast and internet.


The Dizin Ski Resort is open the whole year and offers various activities during winters and summers. The weather is -20 centigrade in winter with a lot of sunny days and the maximum temperature of the resort is 20 centigrade in summer. A pleasant weather, convenient access and a plenty of proper facilities, make the Dizin Ski Resort a best winter-summer tourist destination in the Middle East. In order to hit the slopes, the Dizin Ski Resort runs from early December until late May. In summer, the ski enthusiast can get there and have a grass skiing (grasski) on the grassy slope with a length of 650 meters. The other activities include: Mountain biking, archery and kite riding.


There are two access routes to get to the resort. The first route, you can easily access the down parking via Chalus Road from west of Tehran, which takes about two hours and 30 minutes. The route to the top parking is the second way, which takes about one hour and 30 minutes from the east of Tehran.

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