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Shemshak Ski Resort
Shemshak Ski Resort

There are several ski resorts in Iran, which is a winter recreation center for people who love snow and skiing in winter. The Shemshak Ski Resort is one of these places.

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The Shemshak Ski Resort is located in Rudbar-e Qasran District, 57 km in northeast of Tehran in the village of Shemshak. This ski resort was used for the first time in 1958 and has been acknowledged by the International Ski Federation as a place for holding the official tournament due to make some changes on the slopes and the route track in 1997. The Shemshak ski track is located at an altitude of 2550m to 3050m above sea level with a vertical drop of 500 m and snow depth of two to four meters. The Shemshak Ski Resort, which is the second-largest ski resort in Iran after the Dizin Ski Resort, is mostly used by more advanced skiers because of its steep slopes and mogul runs and also you will meet the best Iranian skiers at the ski resort. The Dizin Ski Resort is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers whereas daredevil skiers and freestyle snowboarders will enjoy skiing down on Shemshak Ski Resort , which is one of the best downhill tracks in the country.



The Shemshak Ski Resort has four separate slopes as follows:


1) The Aftab (Sunshine) Ski Slope:

This ski slope, which starts from the ski school and ends at the peak of the slope, is located on the eastern side of the Shemshak complex with a length of 1850 meters and vertical drop of 550 m.


2) The Mahtab (Moonlight) Ski Slope:

The length of the slope is 1950 m with a vertical drop of 600 m, is located on the western side of the complex. It starts from the hotel and ends at the peak of the slope.


3) Beginner slope:

This slope is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to ski. It is located on the south west of the complex with the length of 400 m and vertical drop of 40 m.


4) Night slope:

This slope is located on the western side of the complex with a length of 950 m. It is equipped with lighting facilities that allows skiing at night. This slope is available for skiing at 6PM to 10PM from Monday to Thursday.    


The resort amenities include:




The entrance fee of the Shemshak Ski Resort is 500,000 IRR from Saturday to Wednesday (except official holidays) and 650,000 IRR for Thursdays and Fridays. The duration of using the ski resort for one day is from morning to afternoon.


Do not worry if you don’t take in any ski gear. On that point are some stores in the resort for rent the ski gear, including skis, ski boots, ski bindings, and ski poles. The ski gear rental is variable, but the average rate is 800,000 IRR. Of course, the ski gear rental is separate from the coach's cost, and if you want to have a ski instructor, you should add a cost of 350,000 IRR to 800,000 IRR per hour to this price, depends on the instructor grade. So, let’s put on the skis and hit the slope.





Barin Hotel:

The Barin Hotel has 67 accommodation units which are fitted with innovation installations and designed like an Eskimo’s house. The hotel is very close to the ski resort, so the hotel's capacity is always complete. The price of accommodation in this luxurious and extraordinary hotel is variable and depends on its facilities, you should pay between 5,000,000 IRR  to 40,000,000 IRR per day. The Barin Hotel with 10 floors, is the most upmarket and highest hotel in the Shemshak Ski Resort. The hotel has 4 extra-luxury penthouses, which start from 40,000,000 IRR for 1-night stay.




Shemshak Tourist Hotel:

The Shemshak Tourist Hotel is a three-star hotel which has 11 accommodation units with all modern facilities.



You can see the rate of the Shemshak hotel rooms in the table below:


Price of 1-night stay   Room Type
2,700,000 IRR   Private Twin Rooms (Private Bathrooms)
3,300,000 IRR   Private 3-bed Rooms (Private Bathrooms)
3,900,000 IRR   Private 4-bed Rooms (Private Bathrooms)
7,430,000 IRR   Royal 4-Bed Suites (Private Bathrooms)
*The room prices include breakfast and internet.


The ski season at the Shemshak Ski Resort runs from November to April. The ski resort opens to the public all the days of the week in the ski time.



 In order to get the Shemshak Ski Resort, you can choose one of the directions as follows:


  1. Tehran> (Resalat Highway Baqeri Junction)> Tehranpars 4th Sq.> Gardaneh Ghochak> Lavasanat> Oshoun Fasham Road> Shemshak. (The shortest and preferred way)

  2. Tehran> Afsarieh Highway> Yasini Highway> Telov Road> Lavasanat> Oshoun Fasham Road> Shemshak City

  3. Tehran-Karaj Highway> Chalous Road> Dizin junction> Dizin Resort> Shemshak Road> Shemshak Resort. (Only in summer)


2018-02-12 | by HiPersia Content production
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Masooma Kassam
Inshallah, we are planning a trip to Iran in December and are thinking of adding 1 to 2 nights of skiing to the Itinerary for 6 pax.
Kindly advice Options for hotels + Nightly Rates.
Trip to be made around mid December inshallah.
We are thinking if the Barin Hotel in shemshak
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