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Wonders of Isfahan
Wonders of Isfahan

Explore the history of the capital of Iran in Safavi era, visit the great mosque and square which is titled as the half of the world and travel through time.



Explore the history of capital of Iran in Safavi era, visit the great mosque and the square which is titled as the half of the world, colorful gardens, and gain a deeper insight into this ancient land. Wander the beautiful streets of this ancient capital and travel through time. Your expert tour leaders will take the hassle out of planning and organizing, leaving you free to uncover the gems of Iran at the best cultural monuments and in the stalls of exotic bazaars. Visit 48 hours in Isfahan Here to find more about Isfahan.


What's Included 




Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Fin Garden (Kashan), Tour the beautiful village of Abyaneh, departure to Matinabad desert and enjoy the beauty of the night in the desert (you stay at an Eco camp)


Enjoy the desert's attractions like sand dunes (Half day), Free time for visiting the beautiful city Isfahan


Isfahan city tour including the famous square and mosques (Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque & Atiq Jameh Mosque), Chehelsotun Palace, Pole khajoo and Sioseh pol (bridges) 


Depart at any time


 5 reasons to travel to Isfahan:

  1. More than 6000 monuments that three of them have been registered at UNESCO heritage list.
  2. UNESCO announced Isfahan as a creative city
  3. Experiencing delicious food like: Beryan and Yoghurt stew
  4. Abbasi hotel, the oldest hotel in Iran
  5. The sweet accent of people


Make it a private tour - From $461 per person

Book this tour as a private departure, with your own tour guide and all the benefits of a HiPersia group tour for any group, big or small even just one traveller (any day you want). 

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2017-02-21 | by HiPersia Executive unit

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Can you arrange hotel booking in Isfahan?
HiPersia replied 2017/06/16
Hello dear. thanks for your comment. Yes, we can book any hotel that you want. I will Email you for more information.
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