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Iran and Beyond
Iran and Beyond

13 days, Iran & beyond

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Explore the culture of Persia, visit many magnificent monuments such as dazzling mosques, beautiful gardens, old teahouses, bargain in Bazaar and many spectacular 2500-year monuments. This journey through Persia is packed in the best culture and adventure in 13 memorable days. All Hipersia tours is customizable and have a possibility to travel off-script.



What's Included






Arrive at any time. Accommodate in 4-star Ibis Hotel.     


Drive to Kashan, Visit: Fin garden, Tabatabaei House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Agha Bozorg mosque and school and the word's most ancient Ziggurat (Sialk Hills). Accommodate in 4-star Raheb traditional house.           


Drive towards Isfahan. Visit Qamsar en route to Isfahan. Accommodate in 4-star Kianpour traditional house.


Isfahan city tour: Visit: Atigh Jame' Mosque, Emamzadeh haroon-e-velayati, famous square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Pole khajoo and Sioseh pol (bridges) and Vank Cathedral. Accommodate in 4-star Kianpour traditional house.


Isfahan city tour: Visit the Bagh-e Chehel Sotun the UNESCO-listed, Shah Mosque, Ali Qapu and bartering at the bazaar. Accommodate in 4-star Kianpour traditional house.


Drive to Yazd Visit: The Zoroastrian fire temple and the crypt (tower of silence), Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Dowlat Abad Garden. Accommodate in 4-star Moshirolmamalek Hotel. 


Yazd city tour: Visit: Yazd bazaar, Jame mosque, Alexander’s Prison, House of art, Traditional part of city and Water Museum. Accommodate in 4-star Moshirolmamalek Hotel.          


Drive to Shiraz and visit Pasargadae en route to Shiraz. Accommodate in 4-star Royal Hotel.


Shiraz city tour: Visit Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Qavam House, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath, Karim Khan Citadel, Eram Garden, Zinat Al-Moluk House, Tomb of Saadi and Hafez. Accommodate in 4-star Royal Hotel.          


Shiraz city tour: Visit: Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site of Persepolis, the ceremonial palace of Darius, Rock tombs of Naqsh-e-Rajab and Naqsh-e-Rostam and Qur'an Gate. Accommodate in 4-star Royal Hotel.                           


Take a flight to Mashhad and visit: Imam Reza holy shrine, Naderi garden and Toos. Accommodate in 4-star Misagh Hotel.


Drive to Neyshabour and visit: Shadiyakh, Attar and Kamalolmolk tombs and Abbasi Caravanserai. Accommodate in 3-star Kamalolmolk Hotel.


Take a flight back.


Make it a private tour 

Book this tour as a private departure, with your own tour guide and all the benefits of a HiPersia group tour for any group, big or small even just one traveller (any day you want). 

By booking or participating in a tour and any related products or services with HiPersia Inc. you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by Hipersia Terms and conditions.



2018-03-17 | by HiPersia Content production
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Daniel Herres
Hello, I am an American and interested in visiting Iran during April or early May. I'll be traveling (backpacking) alone, but want to keep my budget low. Is it possible to join a group tour that is already in progress? I'm interested in culture, some of the major attractions (Nasirolmolk Mosque for example) as well as non-traditional/adventure travel (desert, nomads, mountain village, etc). If I can only do a private tour by myself, is it possible to book hostels, not hotels, so as to keep the costs low? Thank you!
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