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The Mount Tochal
The Mount Tochal
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Snow-capped mountains! Spacious skies! If you are one of the masses yearning to escape from city congestion, it is the best opportunity to take in part of this excursion. Mount Tochal is one of the tourist hubs on the outskirts of Tehran in Alborz Mountains at an altitude of 3964 meters. Every weekend, people travel there to climb up the mountain to enjoy the stunning vistas of Tehran. During this excursion, you can enjoy using Tochal Telecabin, the longest gondola lift route in the world with the length of 7500 meters. During this excursion, you can ski on the Tochal slopes in the Tochal Ski Resort, which is one of the best ski resorts in Iran that runs from mid-November until May. We also offer you one-night stay in the world's highest mountain hotel of Tochal.



Tochal Hotel Tochal Ski Resort






Hike the northern slopes through Jamshidieh park to climb up Mount Kolakchal in route to Mount Tochal. Have a break to refresh near shirpala Shelter and then continue ascending with landscape views of Tehran city. Keep climbing to the Summit. Appreciate the beautiful superb views of the Alborz Mountains before descending to get on to the Tocahal gondola (station 7.) Opt to experience skiing in the Tochal Ski Resort. Then enjoy of Bam-e Tehran and take a rest.

2018-08-13 | by HiPersia Content production
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