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Isfahan Airport
Isfahan Airport

An international airport in the desert region which known as Sofeh amazes you to see one of the marvelous historical cities of Iran.

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Isfahan Airport (Shahid Beheshti Airport) is one of the oldest international airports in Iran that is located in the east of Isfahan province. In 2016, Isfahan Airport hosted 2.593.414 passenger lines, and 23.040 flights transferred at this airport. The good advantage of Isfahan airport is that this airport is far from the city of Isfahan. The airport has two terminals, one for Domestic Flights and the other one for International Flights.  


terminal 1 is available for domestic flights.  Different part of this airport is as follows:

Terminal 2 is available for international flights and has different part as follows:


  1. Naft Air
  2. Taban Air
  3. Iran Air
  4. Nasim Air
  5. Mahan Air
  6.  Kish Air
  7. Qeshm Air
  8. Zagros Air


  1. Isfahan Airport has vertical parking in four levels with a capacity of 320 cars. Moreover, it has Outdoor parking near to the airport terminals with a capacity of 850 cars.
  2. If you want to us Car Rental Services, you should go to representation of Europcar in domestic flights terminal.


Isfahan Airport

Note: If You want to use wi-fi connection you can register and fill out some forms in flight hall.


If you want to go to this airport from Isfahan, you must go through the Chamran highway, This airport can not be reached by bus, and only it is available by taxi. Moreover, you can use VIP taxi services in domestic flights terminal.


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