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Ardebil Airport
Ardebil Airport

Ardebil Airport is an international airport which is located in Ardabil province, northwest of Iran.

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Ardebil Airport is located in Ardebil province with both domestic and international flights. The Aerodrome Control Service equipped to switching communication system for connecting the tower and pilot. Also, this airport has the ATIS system to provide meteorological information to different flights. Ardebil Airport has two crossover flight bands that is suitable for night flights. In 2016, This Airport operated 1,998 flights, 1,763,133 passengers and 249,400-kilogram cargo passed through it. Currently, about 60 domestic and international flights operate at this airport per week.


Ardebil Airport



This airport has two terminals, one of them used for domestic flights and the other one used for international flights.



Ardebil Airport offers flights to Tehran, Mashhad. It also offers international flights to, Baghdad, Najaf, and Jeddah.

Also, the airport facilities include some different part as follows:

 Check in, lost and found, Baggage claim area, Luggage storage, shop centers, Restaurant, and ATM.


The airlines working with this airport are as follows:

  1. Iran Air iran air
  2. Ata Air ata air
  3. Mahan Air mahan air
  4. Qeshm Air qeshm air
  5. Aseman Air aseman air
  6. Iran Airtour iran airtour




You can reach the Ardebil Airport trough Shahid Dadman Highway. Also, there are alternative to get access to the Booshehr Airport via public transportations such as a taxi.


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