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Visit amazing natural attractions like Kaboud-Val waterfall, Visit valuable architectural styles Like Gonbade Kavous tower. Bargain in the bazaars, take valuable handy crafts as souvenirs, Savor flavorful and exotic Persian cuisine and enjoy the coastal weather.



Visit one of the most beautiful northern cities in Iran, which has a humid climate. Though summers are relatively warm and damp, the regional climate is very diverse and is included of mountains, forests and grasslands, steppes and plains, desert and barren, the sea and the bay, rivers and wetlands and agricultural lands. One of the amazing natural attractions is Kaboud-Val Waterfall with a marvelous view you shouldn't miss. Gorgan city has a valuable architectural style and the The broadest historical context in northern Iran. Gonbade Kavus tower, which is built in the 11th century is another must see. This city is located near Turkman bay and presents a variety of traditional hand crafts.

What's Included



Visit Gonbad-e Qabus Tower registered at UNESCO works and Kaboud-Val cascade.

Visit the border market Bandar Turkmen, Buying Turkmen traditional clothes.


6 reasons to travel to Gorgan:

  1. Gonbad-e Qabus, the tallest tower that has been made by brick and is a UNESCO world heritage
  2. Experiencing special music and also Dutar, a musical instrument
  3. Turkoman horse and horse racings
  4. Traditional dresses and rituals
  5. Golestan national park
  6. Turkmen Sahra a sedimentary plain and Khalid Nabi Cemetery


Make it a private tour - From $175 per person

Book this tour as a private departure, with your own local tour guide and all the benefits of a HiPersia group tour for any group, big or small even just one traveler (any day you want). 

2016-01-15 | by HiPersia Content production unit

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