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Discover magnificent mosques, bargain in the bazaars, visit the religious buildings and get familiar with the City of Religions, its sects and ethnicities, savor flavorful and exotic Persian cuisine and traditional sweets, Relax in classic teahouses at the end of the day.



Visit the city of religions, sects and ethnicities, which is the second largest city in the north-west of Iran. It's one of the nineteenth historical Iranian cities and its recorded with UNESCO. Urmia is the trading center of a fertile agricultural region where fruits (especially apples and grapes) and tobacco are grown. The Urmia Segonbad building is possibly the burial place for the Jalaluddin Khwarazm shah. Stuffed grape leaves, meatballs (Kufte), Yatimcheh, curd broth among a few are traditional foods. Busty Noghl is the famous sweet from Urmia.

6 reasons to travel to Urmia:

  1. Urmia lake, the biggest lake in middle east and the second salty water lake on earth, that has islands in it and visiting Armenian ram.
  2. A 3000 years old city
  3. Special attractions like ancient churches, that some of them has been registered as UNESCO world heritage, like: Saint Mary church
  4. Urmia’s souvenirs: Noghl and Walnut jam
  5. So many ancient hills and evidence of the first Wine company
  6. Caving in Sahoolan cave


What's Included


Visit Mama Mary's Church, Band Resort, Urmia lake and Segonbad and Urmia market excursion

Make it a private tour - From $181 per person

Book this tour as a private departure, with your own local tour guide and all the benefits of a HiPersia group tour for any group, big or small even just one traveller (any day you want). 

2017-01-14 | by HiPersia Content production unit

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From Gashtiar:
I would like to join a group tour for couple days in Spring time around June 2017. I have Canadian travel document at the same time my I raqi passport has expire date I can not apply visa with iraqi passport. Could you you send me a packege of a tuor for couple days I will book a hotel in Urmia and I have relative in the city. My pourpose is to visit Iran the city of Urmia and have a nice day with group tour also I will have anopportunately to meet my relatives there.
Please could you send me the package tour and the duration time for the trip with price.
Many thanks
Gashtiar 2017/04/19, 11:05:33
HiPersia replied: Hi. Thanks for your comment. We will be in touch with you by Email. Check your mailbox please.
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