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Visit one of the cradles of prehistoric cultures, Enjoy a moderate and mountainous climate and get familiar with one of the western agricultural cores of Iran, Savor super delicious exotic Persian cuisine, Take an excursion in Bazaars, Relax in classic teahouses and meet the friendliest locals in the world.

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Visit one of the cradles of prehistoric cultures because of its antiquity, attractive landscapes, rich culture and Neolithic villages. According to archaeological surveys and excavations, the Kermanshah area has been occupied by prehistoric people since the Lower Paleolithic period, and continued to later Paleolithic periods till late Pleistocene. Bagastana Inscription, which has been inscribed on the World Heritage List, is a multi-lingual inscription located on Mount behistun, and the word means "the god's place or land". Kermanshah is one of the western agricultural core of Iran that produces grain, rice, vegetables, fruits and oilseeds. However Kermanshah is emerging as a fairly important industrial city, industries include petrochemical refinery, textile manufacturing, food processing, carpet making, sugar refining, and the production of electrical equipment and tools.


 What's Included





Visit Tekye Moavenolmmulk, Visit Taq-e bostan, Buy souvenir.

Visit the UNESCO listed Bisotun Complex, Farhadtarash, The statue of Hercules.



5 reasons to travel to Kermanshah:

  1. Behistun inscription, the biggest inscription and the first Iranian text, that is UNESCO world heritage
  2. Taq Bostan, a site with a series of large rock reliefs from the era of Sassanid
  3. Interesting different dialects
  4. The original Kurdish music, Kermanshah is the father of music in Iran
  5. Experiencing delicious foods like: Bazhi, Oily bread, Oil of Kermanshah and Dandeh kebab


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