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Visit a unique climate of a city with special ecosystem, Get dazzled by Stunning places like pink lake. Enjoy the Chabahar Bay sunrise and sunset at sea. Take an excursion in Bazaars, Relax in classic teahouses and meet the friendliest locals in the world. 



Visit a unique climate of a city with special ecosystem. It seems Chabahar's name modified because it has always spring weather, Char bahar means four springs. Enjoy the Chabahar Bay sunrise and sunset at sea. Sightseeing the Rocky village, Lipar Lagoon with its special ecosystem, Mangrove forest and the exotic pink lake. Visit the Mars or Martian Mounts.


What's Included



Visit Ramin village: The rocky coast, fishing harbor, Lipar lagoon, Pink Lake, Ancient trees, Banyan tree, Martian mountains, Sandy beach.

Visit Tis village: Portuguese fort, The Grand mosque, Botanical Garden, Ancient cave Banmasity , The old village, beach resort.



6 reasons to travel to Chabahar:

  1. So many natural attractions like: The pink wetland, Merikhi mountains and Rocky beach of Oman sea
  2. The historical attractions like: Portuguese Castle, Tis village and Pirooz Gat castle
  3. Mud volcano, located in south west of Chabahar
  4. The mugger crocodile, one of the rarest crocodiles
  5. The beautiful handicrafts like: Needlework and Golaabatoon Doozi
  6. Experiencing traditional foods like: Konok, Beto Bash and Shodudeh


Make it a private tour - From $373 per person

Book this tour as a private departure, with your own local tour guide and all the benefits of a HiPersia group tour for any group, big or small even just one traveler (any day you want). 

2016-01-15 | by HiPersia Executive unit

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From Firoozeh Dabiri:
I Like to get some more information about your Chabahar tour for the period of 5th to 15th of January. First do you have any tour available in that period and second do the prices you have on your site, include air travel?
I would appreciate your prompt response.

Kind Regards
Firoozeh Dabiri 2017/11/01, 01:22:35

Hipersia replied: Dear Ms.Dabiri, Hello We have tour to Chabahar every day, so we can offer tour to this destination when ever you want. I will be in touch with you by your email. Best Hipersia
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