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Kish Island
Kish Island

Visit a beautiful island in the south of Iran. Try delicious traditional seafoods like Qalieh, and savory toothsome fishes, relax at the sunny beaches and enjoy the special coastal weather and natural ecosystem.

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Iran is a huge country with a wide variety of weather. From the lush forests with delicate coastal climate and mountainous regions good for ranching to vast deserts with valuable mineral stones there is so much to see. So why not try the lovely south? The beaches there are full with tropical fruits and locals feel like they’re – so it will be the same for tourists. Iran has many islands in the Persian Gulf and among the biggest ones is Kish Island. Kish Island is an attractive and spectacular island, where you can enjoy the coastal region, mild and humid weather during winter (the temperature never drops below 15-16 C) and even at nights. The natives' traditional job is fishing and you must try some of the delicious traditional seafoods like Qalieh. Southern residents have been music lovers for ages and their main musical instrument is "Tabl" which is a drum-like instrument. The inhabitants of this island are from different races and they are very friendly and warm-hearted. You will see native Iranian date palm trees, mesquite and from non-native trees Pakistani mesquite (Samar), eucalyptus, acacia, and silk. In recent years the island has been famous as a grapevine center. Due to the Portuguese influence the rare Banyan tree also grows there.


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5 reasons to travel to Kish island:

  1. Sandy and coral beach of the island
  2. Different attractions like: Bird’s garden, Dolphinarium and the Greek ship
  3. Water sports like: Diving, Paraglider and Aqua park
  4. Kish island is the fourth tourist destination in south west of Asia
  5. No visa needed for foreigners


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2018-08-16 | by HiPersia Executive unit
Start the discussion...
Hi I am living in Dubai and would like to spend some days in Kish to relax, would you help me?
what are the requirements?
steps? cost? hotels?
Syed Gauhar Imam
I am from India working at Dubai. Want to visit Kish.
Kindly send your email.
I need some information about accommodation and tour.
HiPersia replied 2017/09/06
Hello. Thanks for your comment first. It is a little hot now in Kish. But I will help you out about traveling there. Please check your mailbox.
Thomas Gaitens
Salaam. Hi I am very interested in making a stop over at Kish island while I am in the united Arab emirates. I am a United States passport holder so I understand the unique diplomatic situation. I would be interested in setting up a tour for about three days and I would be keen on seeing some of the geological sites on the island as well as the dolphins. I hope you can tell me the steps I need to take in order to visit Iran. I am looking to visit at the end of August. Merci!
Unknown replied 2016/07/15
Dear Thomas Gaitens, Thank you for your comment. You can travel to Kish Island easy. More information send in the mail.
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