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Reasons why you should never travel to Iran
Reasons why you should never travel to Iran

Iran is a truly evil and terrifying place. You are too lucky to see this page, before traveling to Iran. Here some reasons to advise you about the trip to Iran. Be aware of this advice and tell everyone about this advice. 

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Here we present reasons you should never, ever, visit this godforsaken land.



Tehran Night



Tabatabaei House Kashan



Palangan Night



Nasir al Molk Mosque



 Eram Garden



Iranian Girls



 Kormanj Dancing



Iranian Food



Naghshe rostam






Tehran Art Museum



 Mosque Isfahan



Chehel Sotoun



 Oramanat Takht Village



Persian Cheetah



Ovan lake



Iran Car



ski resorts



Iran Carpet


2021-01-24 | by Content production unit HiPersia
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