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Kurdish music
Kurdish music

Iran has a variety of traditional and tribal music. One of the most beautiful Iranian music for the Kurdish people.

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Kurdish music is a branch of eastern music and one of the oldest music in the world. This music has a particular style in the world. This music is so ear-catching and attractive due to the spread of Kurds in the world and the multiplicity of Kurdish areas. Most Kurdish music is happy. The Kurdish people have unique dance and women and men Kurdish dance together.

Kurdish music consists of Avaz (is unmetered vocal section of a mode in Persian music), songs, and melodies that speak Kurdish. This music expresses the values of the beliefs and events of the day that following the category of Kurdish culture and folklore. The music is composed of classical and modern pieces, each with its genres and branches. The genesis of Kurdish music, like most other tribes, began with Kurdish legends, in which the legends are told in Kurdish songs. These songs are known as Divan songs in Kurdish culture, and most of them are epic Kurdish legends. Another type of Kurdish folklore music relates to anecdotes and stories that are also divided into heroism and sympathetic story songs. The heroic songs focus on the heroism and prowess of a hero. In the songs of sympathy, romantic aspects are expressed between two people. In the other part of Kurdish music, Sorani Kurds have their particular kind of music.


Kurd music


The second type of music is called Hooreh, which is dedicated to the Kurds of Ilam and Kermanshah. At first, there were particular songs in praise of Ahura Mazda. This word also has a Zoroastrian origin.

As a very significant memorial, the Kurds mourn with a kind of music that resembles lamentation. This music defines the characteristics of the deceased person. This style of music is more prevalent in southern Kurdistan. In the funeral ritual, there is a combination of Dhol and Sorna that play with a special rhythm in the form of music called Chameri. In the Prophet's birthday rituals, the Kurds perform a special kind of music called Moloudi.

The most original instruments used in Kurdish music are Sorna and Dhol. Later, Daf and Tanbur added to Kurdish music. Today, these instruments have become the most significant Kurdish instruments. One of Iran's most famous Daf player is Bijan Kamkar, who has been  titled as the Iran's Daf father.


Kurd music


Bijan Kamkar plays Daf in a band called Kamkars. All members of this group are brothers, and sisters and all of whom are Iranian Kurds. 


Kurd music


One of the most famous Kurdish singers is Shahram Nazeri. This singer has collaborated with the Kamkars group.


Kurd music


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