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Baghali ghatogh
Baghali ghatogh

Baghali ghatogh is a delectable dish of Gilan that is common all over Iran. This local food is also known as Baghali Khoresh or Gol dar Chaman Khoresh.

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Baghali ghatogh, Baghali Khoresh, and Gol dar Chaman Khoresh are the name of local food of Gilan, north of Iran. This food is very familiar and cooked in many cities in Iran. It cooked with a specific bean that is known as Pach Baghala or fava beans. This kind of bean is common in the north of Iran and considered as the pinto bean family. It may be interesting for you to know the meaning of Pach Baghala. Local people, use this word to fun, they called a short person as Pach or Pach Baghala. You can have this food during a short time. Baghali ghatogh served with some tasty dishes such as smoked fish, pickled garlic, and roast Caspian kutum. Now let’s talk about how to cook it.

 Baghali ghatogh


 Baghali ghatogh


2019-09-02 | by Niloofar Gerami
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