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how can I know my phone number
how can I know my phone number

It may have happened to you that you did not use your SIM card for a long time and forgot your phone number. But what can you do to find your phone number?

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There are many times when you have an urgent need for your telephone number, but you have forgotten it! The first thought that comes to your mind is to ask someone close to you to give you her/his mobile number so that you can call her/his mobile and find your mobile number!

But what if you don't want someone to have your number as a stranger or if there is no one near you? How do you find your mobile number?

Do not worry, in this article, we will tell you a quick and easy way.


phone number 


Using the Ap command code

If you use SIM cards of Irancell, MCI, Rightel, etc., you can use the method of finding out the SIM card number inside the phone indirectly.

For this purpose, you should enter the keypad of your phone and then dial the command code*733*2# (star - seven hundred and thirty-three - star - two - square) and send it.


Another way for Android phones

If you are using an Android phone, you can go to the settings section of your phone and enter 'About' in the search box. Then find the About Phone or About Device section. If your mobile has About phone, the first option you open is your mobile number, but if you find About device, after opening the page, you should go to the status section and then My phone number, so that you can see your mobile number.


Another way

There are other ways and codes on the internet that you can try, but I tried and didn't get any results, so the best ways are the ones I mentioned above. You can try it on!



2022-07-19 | by Content production unit HiPersia
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