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Kamancheh (musical instrument)
Kamancheh (musical instrument)

Kamancheh is one of the instruments of Iranian music. Kamancheh is a stringed instrument.

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This instrument is played with a bow. Kamancheh has long received more attention than other Iranian instruments due to its special sound range as well as its wide range of technical possibilities, but after the advent of the violin in Iranian music, the use of this instrument became less common. In making this instrument, wood, skin, metal, and bone have been used.


Kamancheh play in a sitting position and is placed vertically in the player's left hand. The bow stretches horizontally with the right hand on its wires. This instrument has a bowl and a handle. Animal skins are drawn on Kamancheh's bowl. Also, at the bottom of this instrument, there is a narrow and moving bar that is 10 cm long and one end is attached to the end of the bowl while playing. At the end of the base, there is a wide appendage that is placed on the foot or the ground.




Kamancheh is an original Iranian instrument that has been used in addition to Iran in neighboring countries and is still used. This instrument is played in disturbed areas of Iran such as Kermanshah, Lorestan, and Turkmenistan (the Turkmen instrument has three strings).



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2021-03-15 | by Naghmeh Nikoo
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