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does iphone work in Iran?
does iphone work in Iran?

If you plan to go to Iran and have an iPhone, you may have this question: does the iPhone work in Iran?

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As you know, Apple is a well-known, and so-called well-established company in the whole world. This company's products have attracted many users. iPhone, iPad, and iPod are the products of this famous company whose releases have been a revolution in the field of smart devices.

As you know, Iran is sanctioned and has restrictions. These limitations have affected Apple devices like the iPhone.


Apple ID creation limit

 The first limitation you may see on the iPhone is the creation of an Apple ID.

In the past, you could easily create an Apple ID by giving yourself a phone number and an email. But now, the iPhone has more steps and more complicated measures to improve security, so it is now difficult to create an Apple ID in Iran.

Of course, the good news is that qualified individuals in Iran can get you an Apple ID.




online payment

As you know, most apps on the Apple Store are for a fee. In Iran, if you do not have a Visa card, etc., you cannot make online payments through the Apple Store through Iranian bank cards. You can't use Apple Pay in Iran as well.

Of course, you can make payments in the Apple Store by buying gift cards in Iran, but it will take longer, and you will have to pay more.

You should also know that, other programs like iBook, iTunes, and Mac Story are not going to work in Iran.


Failure to provide customer service and warranty in Iran

As I said, due to the sanctions, there are limitations. One of them is the lack of official agency for some brands, such as Apple. Of course, there are some agencies in Iran, but Apple does not recognize them. Therefore, if you purchase an Apple mobile phone in Iran, there will be no guarantee or aftersales service.


If you have an iPhone mobile phone and plan to travel to Iran, the good news is that the iPhone works in Iran, although with some limitations that we mentioned above.


2022-07-16 | by Ramtin Alipoor
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