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Ghurtan Citadel, the ancient citadel in the heart of desert
Ghurtan Citadel, the ancient citadel in the heart of desert

The Ghurtan Citadel is the second massive adobe building in Iran, which is located 110 kilometers in the East of Isfahan and 45 kilometers in the Northwest of Gavkhouni wetland, on the road of Isfahan-Varzaneh.

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The Ghurtan Citadel was built in an area of five hectares, made out of mud, and includes 14 watchtowers, two gates on the north and south side of the citadel, and many historical monuments such as three mosques, two castles, and a bazaar. No one knows about the precise date of occurrence of the Ghurtan Citadel. But, according to the local people, the citadel dates backed to 429-439 AD, when the Bahram V was ruling. Due to the many historical monuments, The Ghurtan Citadel is one of the tourist attractions in Iran.

Ghurtan Citadel

The Ghurtan Citadel is in the vicinity of the Zayandehrud River on the south side and desert on the north side. Therefore, this area benefits from the stunning scenery of desert and fascinating history of civilizations around the river. A constituent of the Zayandehrud water has drained from the southerly side of the citadel then rejoined to it again. There are two points of view about why did they build the citadel in the proximity of the river. The Ghurtan citadel was built on the shore slopes of the river to protect one side of the castle from the invaders. It may be formed accidentally because of the changes in the direction of the river. The most famous castle inside the Ghurtan Citadel is Nawab Castle, which was constructed before the time of construction of the citadel in the early Islamic period. You can see the remains of the mosque with an area of 2000 square meters, where located 200 meters southwest of the Ghurtan Citadel and on the margin of the Zayandehrud River. The magnificence of the mosque represents a large crowd of the Ghurtan Citadel and the emphasis on religious ceremonies during the construction period.




2021-08-02 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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