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Looking for a quick and easy way to ask for a taxi?
Looking for a quick and easy way to ask for a taxi?

Looking for a quick and easy way to ask for a taxi like Uber around the world? In this article we want to introduce some ride-hailing applications which most foreign travelers in Tehran and other metropolises vouch for.

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You can find many applications for asking for a taxi in Iran. But, the most famous and user-friendly applications that operate in this case are Snapp and TAP30. It just needs to set your pickup location and destination on the map and send your ride request for the nearest car to accompany you to the destination. Today what is known as Snapp, TAP30 and Carpino are the Iranian equivalents of the ride-hailing application Uber, which has been welcomed by the general public and the satisfaction of the people and drivers. We recommend you to buy one of the local prepaid charge cards such as MCI (Hamra -e-Avval), MTN Irancell, and Right to download the application, so you don’t have to look blank when the driver says the price.

The Snapp is the first ride-hailing application in Iran, which was established in February 2014. It is an Intelligent Transport System, a bridge between passenger and driver, and is a quick and easy solution to ask for a car and motorcycle. The Snapp is currently active in Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Qom, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Babol, Sari, Ghaemshahr, Rasht, Arak, and Urmia. This application is available in three languages: Persian, English, and France. Unfortunately, the Snapp app was removed from both Google Play and Apple iOS stores. So, to download the last version of the Android app, you need to download it from the Iranian Android app store of Café Bazaar, and for iOS, you need to download it from the website. Also, the other mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or even non-smartphone users can access all of the Snapp access services by visiting the Snapp web application. 




How to use Snap discount? 

If you join Snapp from the link below , you will receive 10 thousand Tomans of Snapp credit.:


Download snapp



1. Then the following page will open for you.

a. In the first part, you have to enter your mobile number.

b. Prove you're not a robot.

c. Click on the button in the third part.


snapp discount


2. On the next page, you can use the buttons that have been placed for you.


3.After you click on the link or buttons, a page will open for you, which contains a download or download button. Click on the download counter and install the program on your phone.


 How to order Snap?



After indicating your origin and destination on the map and sending the request, the driver information such as first name and last name, phone number, driver portrait, car model, and license plate will be appearing on your self-phone screen. Before sending the request, you can choose from the different types of services including Snapp Eco, Snapp Rose (Female Driver), Snapp Box (For Deliveries), and Snapp Bike (For Passenger). Then, the closest Snapp will come to your location. There are some options in the app, including the possibility to insert your second destination (or over 2 destinations), round trip, and extra stop. You can pay the taxi fare in cash or online. The passengers can rate at the end of the trip according to their satisfaction. They can rate the drivers a point between one to five, and if they choose less than 5, they must specify the reason. The drivers with a score between 4 and 5 are in the priority to serve.

Travel Security by Snapp

After receiving vehicle information and driver specifications, the passenger can share this information with friends and family during the travel. By using this feature, not only can the passenger monitor the vehicle's route online, but also his family members can do.



The TAP30 is the second Iranian ride-hailing application which was established in June 2016. Currently, The TAP30 provides services in Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad, Lahijan, Bandar Anzali, Rasht, and Urmia. This application is currently available for both Android and iOS and you can download the last version of the app on the TAP30 website. This application is available in three languages: Persian, English, and Turkish. For requesting a ride, there are three simple steps like The Snapp app, including Set your origin and destination on the map and send a ride request from different types of services including Classic Service, TAP30 Pro (Luxury Service), and TAP30 Prime (Women Service). So, the driver information such as first and last name, phone number, driver image, vehicle model, and license plate will turn up on your device. You can pay your taxi fare in cash or online. At the end of your trip, you can give the driver a score between 0 to 10 bases on your satisfaction from the trip. If you choose less than 8, you must specify the reason. Only drivers with a score above 8 can continue to operate.


Download Tap30 


Travel Security

As you can share your travel information with your family or friends in the Snapp, this feature is available on the TAP30.


The Taxi Organization of Tehran officially established the third Iranian ride-hailing application of Carpino in March 2017 to compete with privately held companies of Snapp and TAP30. Much like the Snapp and TAP30, The Carpino serves safe and secure travel with a great number of drivers who give services for only a couple of IRR per trip. Currently, the Carpino is available to use in Tehran and Mashad and you can load up it from the Carpino website for both Android and iOS.


Download Carpino for: Android / iOS


2022-02-14 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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