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Gorgan Airport
Gorgan Airport

An old international airport in the north of Iran with flights to mecca which is situated in the beautiful nature of Golestan province.

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Gorgan Airport is an international airport located in Gorgan, the capital of Golestan province. It is one of the old airports in the north of Iran. This airport is one of the air borders of Iran. Until 1998, Gorgan Airport didn’t have any airport equipment and navigation. In 2016, This Airport operated 2,435 flights, 1,273,108 passengers and 190,420-kilogram cargo passed through it. Currently, 70 domestic and international flights operate at this airport per week.



This airport has two terminals for domestic and International flights. The airport expansion project is currently in progress. It will be reserved for international flights.

Also, the airport facilities include some different part as follows:

 Check in, lost and found, Baggage claim area, Luggage storage, shop centers, Restaurant, and ATM.



Gorgan Airport offers flights to Tehran, Zahedan, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kish and Bandar Abbas. It also offers international flights to Jeddah, Baghdad and Mecca.


The airlines working with this airport are as follows:

  1. Iran Air iran air
  2. Naft Air naft air
  3. Ata Air ata air
  4. Kish Air kish air
  5. Zagros Air zagros air
  6. Aseman Air aseman air
  7. Qeshm Air qeshm air
  8. Iran Airtour iran airtour



The airport is located 2 km west of the Gorgan-Aq Qala Highway and 6 km north of Gorgan. You can reach there by 70 Asia highway. Also, there are alternative to get access to the Gorgan Airport via public transportations such as a taxi.


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