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2 days, Shahname to Shandiz

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Visit the city of Ferdowsi, the famous Iranian poet of "Shahnameh". Visit ancient places like museums, domes, mausoleums and the shrine. Bargain in the bazaars and take a wide variety of traditional hand crafts, precious stones and Saffron as souvenirs. Savor flavorful and delicious Persian cuisine.

Go to the northeast of Iran, A major oasis along the ancient Silk Road, where Kashmar rug a type of Persian rug is indigenous to this region. Visit the capital city at Nadir Shah Era. Visit the city of Ferdowsi, the Iranian poet of "Shahnameh", which is considered to be the national epic of Iran. The hometown of some of the most significant Iranian literary figures and artists, Mohammadreza Shajarian and Akhavan sales. The city is most famous and revered for housing the tomb of Imam Reza the eighth Imam of Shia. Benefit from the proximity of the mountains, cool winters, pleasant springs, mild summers, and beautiful autumns. Rich in souvenir; dry fruits, salted nuts, Saffron, Iranian sweets like "Gaz" and "Sohaan", precious stones like agates, turquoise, intricately designed silver jewelry studded with rubies and emeralds, eighteen carat gold jewelry, perfumes, religious souvenirs, Trench coats, Scarves, Termeh, carpets and Rugs. Its museum is home to over 70,000 rare manuscripts from various historical eras. Mashhad has one of the oldest libraries of the Middle-East with a history of over six centuries.



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Travel style: Classic

All of the highlights, culture, access, and I-can’t-believe-we-did-that moments, all at a great price.

Service level: Standard

Comfortable tourist-class accommodations with character; mix of public and private transport 

Physical rating: Easy

Light walking, few climbs more challenging than a flight of stairs. Easy does it.




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6 reasons to travel to Mashhad:

  1. The holy shrine of Imam Reza, and Goharshad mosque a great sample of Islamic architecture
  2. Nishapur city, visiting Attar and Kamal-ol-molk tomb and buying Turquoise
  3. Tous city and Ferdowsi tomb, the poet of Shahnameh
  4. Kalat city and Nader Shah tomb
  5. Shandiz and Torghabeh, the country sides and experiencing delicious Shishlik kebab
  6. Special souveniers of Mashhad like: Saffron and Barberry


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2016-01-15 | by HiPersia Executive unit
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