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Tabriz & Kandovan
Tabriz & Kandovan

2 days, Tabriz to Kandovan

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Tabriz has been selected as the top tourism destination in 2018 among the Islamic countries. The city has many tourist attractions such as bazaar, museums, historic houses and eye-catching mosques.

Sightseeing Old museum and Walk through ancient buildings like the Constitution House, Experience exotic hotels of Kandovan in Rock village, Enjoy Savoring and delicious traditional Iranian cuisine. Visit one of the historical capitals of Iran and a very large city that is surrounded by beautiful and pleasant gardens. Tabriz is located in the Quru river valley between the long ridge of the volcanic cones of the Sahand and Eynali mountains. It's also a site for some of the most prestigious academic and cultural institutes in the northwest. It has many historical monuments representing the transition of Iranian architecture in its long historical timelines, among them is the grand Bazaar of Tabriz, which is inscribed as a World UNESCO heritage site from the early modern era. Tabriz is known as the safest city, a city without the poor people – and more importantly, the chocolate city. Tabriz is also an important industrial center with automobile industries, machine tools, refineries and petrochemical, textile, and cement production industries. Marco Polo passed Tabriz in 1275 and wrote: "a great city surrounded by beautiful and pleasant gardens. It is excellently situated so the goods brought to here come from many regions. Latin merchants specially Genevis go there to buy the goods that come from foreign lands.”



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Travel style: Active

Hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, and kayaking adventures all over the world, made for outdoor types.

Service level: Basic

Simple and clean hotels and hostels; affordable public and private transport; lots of optional activities 

Physical rating: Light

Light walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.




What's Included



Tabriz & Kandovan








 9 Reasons to travel to Tabriz and Kandovan:

  1. An ancient city, which has been built in Parthian density
  2. Safest city in Iran
  3. There are 17 museums in Tabriz like: Azerbaijan museum
  4. Visiting Kandovan village, the second rocky village in the world
  5. Tabriz bazaar and Saint Stepanos Monastery has been registered as UNESCO world heritages
  6. Babak Fort that has been built on top of the mountain
  7. Ainaloo jungles, Chestnut trees and the red deer
  8. The beautiful Sahand peak with the height of 3965 m
  9. Aladaglar (colorful) mountains, one the wonders of the nature



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2017-01-14 | by HiPersia Executive unit
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Tamara Pruyn

I'm trying to visit Iran this October/November. To be honest I want to visit my boyfriend. I met him in February this past year Turkey. I'm really in love with him and need to see him. Is there any way you can help, can I book a tour or pay a good fee to you for an authorization code? Please, any help I appreciate so much.


Hipersia replied 2016/09/15
Dear Tamara, Yes; thank you for your comment. For requesting your visa we need some information about you. For more information you can visit this page: http://hipersia.com/en/news.cfm?id=11 we are here to help you.
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