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Baan Mesiti Caves & Temple
Baan Mesiti Caves & Temple

Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple are triple caves which located on the hillside in Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan province.

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Baan Mesiti Caves are located in an ancient village, Tis in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. Tis village has remained of the Achaemenid Empire. There is a natural cave and two artificial caves side by side. These triple caves are known as Baan Mesiti Caves by local people. These caves are at a height of 25 meters from the ground. The equivalent of Baan is a righteous man, and Mesiti is a temple in Balochi language. Baan Mesiti Caves were considered as an altar or temple which included some platform to do the religious acts.

Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple


This cave is natural and semicircular. The span of the cave has been expanded by the grinding technique.  You will see a tomb in the depth of one meter of the cave which made of plaster. This tomb is like a cube which contains a trunk and a dome. The dome was made with a height of 40 centimeters above it. The entrance gate of the tomb is parallel to the span of the cave. This cave is like a temple. Local people put the holy things such as Quran at this place in the past. Some lines and sign are drawn with red and purple ink on the wall of the temple which is similar to Gujarati script and Devanagari.

Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple


On the right side of the middle cave, there is another cave which made of a plaster and stone platform. The span of this cave is about 80 centimeters, and the ceiling is short. There are some carving within this cave. Probably, this cave was linked with the left cave by some orifices. Also, it is considered, this cave was a place to bury the dead.

Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple


This cave is located 50 meters from the middle cave with an arched span about 20 meters. You can enter this cave by some stairs.

Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple


The best time to visit the Baan Mesiti Caves in terms of weather is from late October till early April, when the weather is quite mild, with an average temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius. In these months the temperature does not exceed 24 ° C.


Tis village is located nine kilometers northwest of Chabahar. The Baan Mesiti Caves is placed five northeast of Tis village. When you enter the Tis village go to the northeast side to reach the caves. It is a 21-minute walk from the village until the Baan Mesiti Caves.

2019-05-11 | by Niloofar Gerami
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