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Mosque, the manifestation of Iranian architecture
Mosque, the manifestation of Iranian architecture

Iran has many dazzling mosques that draw many tourists throughout the world annually. Visit the most beautiful mosque in the world in Iran.

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Definitely, Iran is one of the best destinations for those who want to soak up the atmosphere and beauties of the mosques. By stepping in the Iran mosques, the eyes are dazzled by vibrant colors spread in all elements, fine Muqarnas, colorfully stained glasses, graceful and elegant tile works, magnificent domes, and eye-catching Sahns and Iwans. By visiting Iran mosques, discover the glory and beauty of Iranian architecture.

In the following, get acquainted with the various components of the Iran mosques.



Read on to discover six beautiful mosques in Iran as follows:



See the wonders of the oldest and the biggest mosque in Iran. See a magnificent Mihrab and magic domes. Listen to the reflection of the sound of “Azaan” and feel the spirit of beauty and magic.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

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Beauty, peace and glory have all gathered in Nasir al Mulk Mosque. Compared with other mosques of Iran, Nasir al Mulk Mosque Architecture  is completely different: The mosque has wonderful stained glass, so once the sunlight hits the stained glass, the entire building is flooded by a rainbow of colors.

Nasir al Mulk Mosque

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It’s not just any mosque, it’s one of the best. Vakil Mosque is one of the life-changing destinations in the world for those who want to get different experiences. Marvel at the gorgeous mosque of Vakil and immerse yourself in the eye-catching architecture of Persia!

Vakil Mosque

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No matter where you stay in the Yazd, the Jame mosque of Yazd is clearly visible from every corner of the city! This beautiful mosque is a magnificent masterpiece of Islamic architecture that draws many people from all over the world like a magnet.


Jame mosque of Yazd

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A combination of architecture and history with colorful tiles such as Mosaic tiles, Girih tiles, and Muqarnas surrounded by the stable adobe-brick structure in the middle of a desert, amazes everyone to a fabulous experience.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque:

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The Goharshad mosque is one of the interesting places in the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. Because of its traditional architecture style, elegant carving, gorgeous tiles and grandeur dome, the mosque becomes as a tourist destination of Mashhad city.

Goharshad Mosque

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