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Touch the sky in the Maranjab Desert
Touch the sky in the Maranjab Desert

The Maranjab desert, located near Kashan city is one of the ancient desert cities of Isfahan province. It named by a castle around there from Safavid dynasty. It has a typical climate of hot and dry in summer, cold and dry in winter, and very little rainfall during the year.

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Maranjab desert is one of the most beautiful parts of the Iranian deserts. High dunes and forests arch are the attractions of this region. Most of the vegetation consists of Halophyte plants such as Tamarix trees, Haloxylon trees and Zygophyllum bushes. Animal coverage area consists of animals such as wolf, jackal, hyena, fox sand, sand cat, lizard, chameleon, a variety of lizards, snakes, scorpions, dull-yellow partridge, eagle, hawk and others cause of lots of food and water.

Aran O Bidgol salt lake and Wanderer island are other spectacular parts of the desert. When you watch the island from far away, the two ends of it disappear in the horizon and the landscape looks like a ship adrift in the ocean desert, that's why it's called Wanderer island. The island, only one or two months of the year due to rainfall in the region are visible and the rest during the year converts to salt marsh. Other attractions of the Maranjab, is a caravanserai on the Silk Road, which is located in the desert. Maranjab desert average height of sea level is 850 meters and the highest point of this desert measures about 880 meters of sea level.

Maranjab Salt LaKe


Maranjab Caravanserai one of the most famous caravanserais in Iran, was built by the order of Shah Abbas Safavid. Maranjab castle, caravanserai was located on the silk route. In Past there used to be always, 500 soldiers on top of the castle to watch over the caravans trading from China to Europe. Maranjab Caravanserai has a Qanat having fresh water which, is a phenomenon in a desert full of salt lakes. Today Maranjab caravanserai is used as a guest house. It has 29 rooms and accommodates tourists visiting this wonderful desert. The rooms don’t have beds so you should have sleeping bags. Each room accommodates one or two people and the bigger ones accommodate seven people. It doesn’t have shower facilities, but there is water in the toilets located outside the main building, about 3mins walk. The caravanserai has also a small restuarant that serves food. The around area of Maranjab Caravanserai is safe, and is a great place for camping.

Maranjab caravanserai


Maranjab sand dunes


Maranjab salt lake is located approximately 100 km east of the City of Qom and 60 km of Kashan. The lake has a surface area of about 1800 km². Many people confuse the Maranjab Salt Lake with “Howz Soltan” salt lake. The lake looks like a triangle and its 5 to 50 meters deep. The Maranjab salt lake is used for salt extraction too. The lands around the salt lake are swampy, so it’s better to visit the salt lake with a local guide who knows the area. Generally there are two ways to get to Maranjab desert:
1. On the way from Aran to Maranjab route after driving about 35 km you’ll see the way through the salt lake.
2. Passing the Maranjab Caravanserai, after 10 km you can see the route to the salt lake.
If you are lucky you can see flamingos too. September, October and November, (the whole autumn) is flamingoes migration time.

Maranjab salt lake


Mid-Autumn and late November are the best times due to dryness of the path, mild weather and the lack of insects. Hipersia almost every week  has a one-day tours to visit the desert.


There are several ways to get to the Maranjab desert. The main rout is from Kashan to Aran va Bidgol to Padegan road and you have to drive some 45km on a dirt road to get to Maranjab desert. Due to the military base that is located in this region, it's better a leader accompanies you. Maranjab Desert can be visited in a one day tour. From Kashan to Maranjab Desert is about one and half hour. Start your trip early in the morning, about 8 AM and enjoy visiting Maranjab Caravanserai, Maranjab Salt lake and sand dunes. You can spend your whole day in Maranjab Desert and get back to Tehran after seeing the beautiful sunset. Otherwise, you can just visit the sand dunes and Caravansarai and get back to Tehran after the lunnch.

Hipersia offers a 1-day trip to visit the area. Move early morning from Tehran to Kashan. After breakfast in the restaurant keep your rout to Kashan and Aran va Bidgol, then go to the full of mystery Maranjab desert and salt lake. After watching polygons of a salt lake move to Abbasi caravanserai. After the lunch, surf in the caravanserai and enjoy visiting the smooth sand dunes.


Iran Desert Tour



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Krzysztof Karabon
What is a price for 1 day trip to Maranjab Desert for 3 people?
Best regards,
Krzysztof Karabon
Hipersia replied 2018/11/25
Dear Krzysztof, thanks for your comment. we sent your answer to your email address. please check it.
We are a couple from Barcelona interested in taking your tour to Maranjab desert including a night in caravanserai. Probably we will be in Kashan. Could you send me an email with the price? I also would like to ask you some questions. Best regards. Thanks!
Hipersia replied 2018/11/05
Dear Natalia, Hello, Thanks for visiting our website. The suggested itinerary and price has been sent to your email. Best Hipersia
Ramtin Alipour replied 2018/11/05
Ric Nicolson
I am a single traveller interested in a 1 day trip to the desert on Tuesday 6th November. I am currently staying at Kashan. Thank you
Hipersia replied 2018/11/04
Dear Ric Nicolson, Hi An offer for 1-Day Maranjab tour, have been sent to your email.
Hi! I will arrive to Kashan tomorrow and I would like to know price of the trip for two persons to the Maranjab Desert including night in caravanserai. Please contact me via email. Best regards.
Hipersia replied 2018/09/11
Dear Marcin, we realy appreciate your comment. pleach check your inbox.
Hi Persia,
I would like to know how much is Maranjab Desert tour from Tehran. Could you please send me the pricelist via email?
Thank you.
Hipersia replied 2017/11/01
Dear Jeremia, Hello Thank you very much for visiting our website. we will send the itinerary and price of Maranjab tour for you by email. Best Hipersia
Wei, Ling-Huei
Dear Mr./Miss

We plant to go to Maranjab desert (from Tehran, 10th of Feb 2018) and stay one night than come back Tehran (11th of Feb 2018) again. Will you please advice us how much will it cost ? (There are 5 people in our group)

Wish to receive your reply soon.

HiPersia replied 2017/10/22
Hi. Thanks for the comment. I will send an itinerary to your Email, but you should be aware that there might be an increase in prices, cause you want to travel next year.
daumale suzanne
I will be in Kashan on Nov 4th and i would like to know all the desert tours you offer including one where we spend the night in the caravansary.
Please include prices
Hipersia replied 2017/09/19
Dear daumale suzanne, Hi Thank you very much for the comment. we need to know that how many people are you? We will be in touch with you by your email. Best Hipersia
Nadzirah Baharom
I am interested in visiting the Maranjab desert. From your write up above, it seems like the starting point is from Tehran and we will return to Tehran.
However, I will be from Isfahan. I've seen a Maranjab desert tour that starts from Isfahan and ends in Tehran. Do you offer such tours?
Thank you!
HiPersia replied 2017/09/13
Hi. Thanks for your comment. As we perform the tours privately, the plan will be just like what you want to be. Please check your mailbox for more information.
Petra Corazza
I read that you offer trips to the Maranjab desert from Teheran. Are there any trips to the Maranjab desert from Kashan? My friend and I are going to be in Kashan on the 10th and 11th of August. We would like to do a 1day trip or a 2day trip. What are the prices? We are only 2, so we don't mind sharing the tour.
Thank you!
HiPersia replied 2017/07/01
Hello dear. Thanks for your comment. It is possible to arrange the tour from Kashan. We do the private tours for our customers, so it will be just the two of you. for more information, I will be in touch by Email.
Hayden Albrey
I really wish you would just list the price on this site instead of insisting on sending the prices by email. It seems to me you would only insist on this because your prices are very high and you don't want people to realize.
HiPersia replied 2017/05/05
Hi! Thanks for the comment first. The only reason that we send an Email to our customers is that we need more information like: how many people are traveling, What extra services they want, what is the time of travel and so on. We want to make the plan just like the way they want.
Herwin Vanden Eede
Hi Persia,
I consider doing a 1 day trip to Maranjab desert from Kashan on April 30. I'm a single traveler. Thanks for informing me of the tariff and the different options.
Kind regards,
Hipersia replied 2017/04/28
Dear Herwin, Hi Thank you for the comment. We should ask some questions in order to give you the suitable info. We will send an email for you.
may i know the price-list for each tour, i'm interest in the 1 day tour to the dessert. And is it good to visit on early April? I'm 2 travelers, so i don't mind to do a shared tour to minimize budget.
How about overnight there?
Hipersia replied 2017/04/26
Dear Chris, Hi Thank you very much for the comment. We can provide different tours to several destinations in desert. We will send an email for you.
Hi, Hipersia!
Thank for your information.
We are going to have a desert trip to Maranjab in April.
My group can be 4 or 5. And 1 night stay in the desert.
Can you give me your program in detail?
Hipersia replied 2017/04/03
Dear Youngtae, Thanks for the comment. We will be in touch with you by your email.
Hi there,
my friend and I will be traveling to Kashan in February, can we have more details about the Maranjab desert including the price?
Thanks a lot!
Hipersia replied 2017/01/30
Hi Sophia, Thank you very much for the comment. We will be in touch with you by your email.
may i know the pricelist for each tour, im interest in the 1 day tour to the dessert. And is it good to visit on early april? I'm solo traveller, so i don't mind to do a shared tour to minimise budget. Thank you
HiPersia replied 2016/12/30
Hi Susan There are so many 1 day tours to the desert. We can send you an Email which contains the prices of different tours. Of course you can travel in group.
Hi Persia,

How much is the day trip to Maranjab desert from Tehran? We are backpackers of 4.



Hipersia replied 2016/09/10
Dear Eeman, Thanks for your comment. A day trip to Maranjab Dessert sounds fascinating! well, the price depends on your transportation car. We'll send you an email to get more information about you.
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