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how to buy a musical instrument
how to buy a musical instrument

Maybe you want to buy a musical instrument from Iran and take it to your country, but you do not know how? Hipershia help you. 

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Iranian instruments

Iranian traditional musical instruments are well-known and unique in the world. Iranians have loved music since ancient times. The carvings on prehistoric pottery in different parts of Iran such as Tepe Sialk of Kashan, Cheshmeh Ali of Shahr Rey, and Esmaeel Abad of Qazvin show this fact. Sound of Keyhan Kalhor Kamancheh or The Tar of yahya is pleasing and memorable. Iran's classical art music relies on both improvisation and composition and is based on a series of modal scales and tunes including twelve Dastgahs
(Iranian musical system) and Avazes (Sings). Traditional Iranian instruments are divided into three categories:

Stringed instrument: Tar, Dotar, Setar, Oud, Tanbur, Rubab, Kamancheh, Santur, Harp, and etc.

Wind Instruments: Flute, Ney, Karnay, Sorna, Balaban, a,d etc.

Percussion instruments: Daf, Naqareh, Tombak, Dohol, and etc.


How to buy musical instrument

If you are interested and decide to buy an Iranian instrument but do not know how and where to buy, Hipersia`s experts can help you buy instruments.

Steps that Hipersia can help you buy





If you looking for more information, you can contact us.




2021-02-24 | by Naghmeh Nikoo
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