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Sustainable travel
Sustainable travel

Preserving cultural heritage, conserving and replenishing the natural environment, while improving the lives of local people, is the essence of our way of travelling. 

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Preserving cultural heritage, conserving and replenishing the natural environment, while improving the lives of local people, is the essence of our way of travelling and is integrated into every decision and action we take at HiPersia. We work hard to promote sustainable tourism in Iran, an initiative that has attracted many eco-savvy travelers.

We like to keep things local on our trips. Working with small, locally owned businesses rather than big international chains helps keep the overall cost of your trip down, but HiPersia also believe that your travel money should stay where you spend them. Supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses, strengthen communities, raises the overall quality of life, and ensures that the places you love will continue to be loved.

HiPersia tries to get the most out of Web Applications instead of using software installed on the computer. Web Applications are internet reliant but they always keep us up-to-date and they help us to be in touch with anybody, anywhere in the world and one more important reason, they eliminate printed materials! With Using web applications, all the complex processing and storing of data can be handled by the server and the users are simply shown the end results, saving a lot of time and investment in expensive hardware.

web applications

In HiPersia we do our best to save paper. We try to avoid unnecessary copies of documents. If it is necessary to print, we make sure to print on both sides, duplex. Also, one of our colleagues has found a great way for a better use of check prints having a white side: making notebooks!

Checkprint notebook 

From the beginning of our journey HiPersia has stepped up efforts to introduce and protect endangered species of Iran like The Asiatic Cheetah, Persian Leopard, Persian yellow deer, the wonderfully colored Kaiser’s spotted newt, and the Fritillaria imperialis.
Today the 50 to 100 Asiatic Cheetahs, One of the most famous members of wildlife in the world, living in Iran are the last surviving on earth. In cooperation with Iranian Cheetah Society, Hipersia has undertaken to buy a documentary named "Sunset in Khojir". The money is dedicated to the research studies of Iranian Cheetah Society.

Asiatick cheetah



2017-01-14 | by Content production unit HiPersia
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Jorg Ostrowski
I predict that Iran will have more UNESCO World Heritage sites (now 19) within 5 years than Spain & Italy together (now 86). Rich in history, peaceful in nature, most friendly in hospitality, diverse in landscape. A resilient nation.
HiPersia replied 2017/04/12
Hello. Thanks for your kind comment. Did you ever travel to Iran?
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