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A Thousand Steps to Rudkhan Castle
A Thousand Steps to Rudkhan Castle

Iran has many castles. But most of them are located in a dry area. Rudkhan Castle is one of the few fortresses which located in the woods.

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The Rudkhan Castle includes two parts, the citadel where the king lived there and the Armory part. The Rudkhan Castle belongs to the Sasanian era and later rebuilt during the Seljuq era by the Nizari Ismailis. It’s located on forest highs in the beautiful village of Rudkhan in Fuman County.



The Rudkhsn castle building has been constructed in the area of 2.6 Hectares and contains strong fortifications and battlements. It has 42 towers and has stone walls with a length of 500 meters which still stand intact. The main section of the castle, which called “Shah Neshin” is close. Due to the castle was built beside a river, it has been called The Rudkhan Castle (Rudkhan is abbreviation of Rudkhaneh which means river). The Rudkhan Castle is the sort of place you visit once and long for forever. Surround yourself with stunning scenery of Hirkani forests, the mist which comes down off the mountains, fascinating history, mountains, villages, and most importantly, the amazing people who will help you appreciate it.



This trip is ideal for the traveler who is short on time, but wants to soak up the colors, local culture, and history of a fascinating region in among an unbeatable and the stupendous dense forest that's small in size but big in adventure. The possibility for travel in this place is different. Don’t worry about forgetting your meal. About 2 kilometers before getting the Rudkhan Castle, there are many restaurants in which, you can have a delicious local cuisine. There is a parking lot at the castle site. The fee is 40,000 IRR. At the beginning of the rout, you can visit the local market, which sells a variety of local souvenirs and some simple equipment such as canes. If you visit the Rudkhan Castle in summer, you can find a local ice cream, which calls it “ESKIMO”. It is a mixture of ice, Sour Cherry juice, salt and some spice such as Persian Hogweed. It takes about 2 hours hiking to reach there if you have a normal physical condition, otherwise it takes more than 2 hours. After crossing over the mountainous winding route and climbing the steps, the first thing that dazzles your eyes is its bi entrance gate. Visiting this dazzling castle and picturesque landscape, make you an unforgettable and memorable adventure.

The entrance fee of the Rudkhan Castle is 250,000 IRR for foreign visitors. The hours of visiting the castle are from 8AM to 6PM and even 7PM, but it is only open at 4PM in winter. We recommend that you come back before the sunset, otherwise you have to use a Headlamp.








2019-12-12 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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