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Qazvin tour
Qazvin tour

2 days, ChehelSotoon to Aliqapu

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Qazvin is a pleasant city with wonderful caravanserais, Exquisite mosques, beautiful Bazaar, stunning village, eye-catching sights, Castles of the Assassins, fascinating history, mouth-watering food, and all in all, the amazing people who will help you appreciate it.

Qazvin famed for carpets and seedless grapes. There are a lot of natural and historic places to visit in Qazvin province, but for most foreign travelers, it's primarily the staging point for excursions to the Alamut Castle and trekking in the sensational Alamut Valley. The most atmospheric area for random strolling is Bazaar. You can visit the Tomb Of Hamdollah MostofiTehran Ghadim GateJameh Mosque of Qazvin, Ali Qapu portal, The Ali Qapu Palace, and Qazvin's Museum. Visiting the Ovan Lake in the Alamut region is one of the Eye-catching sights in this region. You can overnight in a tent and dine with your company and marvel at its thrilling beauty.



Is this tour for me?


Travel style: Yolo

All of the highlights, culture, access, and I-can’t-believe-we-did-that moments, all at a great price.

Service level: Standard

Comfortable tourist-class accommodations with character; a mix of public and private transport 

Physical rating: Easy

Light walking, few climbs more challenging than a flight of stairs. Easy does it.




What's Included









5 Reasons to travel to Qazvin:

  1. Being of such attractions as Safavid gardens, mansions, and historic houses.
  2. The Saraye Sa'd-o-Saltaneh is one of the most complete and wide ranges of Iranian buildings.
  3. Sepah street, the first street of Iran.
  4. The Alamut castle, Hashashin rocky castle made by Hasan Sabah.
  5. The pleasant experience of having traditional Qazvin dishes such as Gheimeh, Shirinpolo, and the traditional Haleem and the delicious souvenirs such as Pistachios, Baklava and all kinds of sweets.



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2021-04-29 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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