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Mehrabad Airport Taxi
Mehrabad Airport Taxi

The Mehrabad International Airport is located in district 11 in the vicinity of Azadi square. Around 32,000 passengers are transferred from here daily.  

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It is possible to book a taxi among many taxi service companies such as Takrotaxi, Seirosafar and Pakrotaxi. These companies offer a variety of modern and luxury sedans to service. You can call them and book a taxi, but their operators can’t be able to speak English.


There are many taxi booths at the Mehrabad Airport that you can go there in person to ask for a ride. The operators able to speak English. Otherwise, you can go outside of the airport hall to hail a taxi. The average taxi fare from the Mehrabad Airport to downtown Tehran is between 200,000 IRR to 250,000 IRR including different types of sedans and vans.

Snapp and Tap30, are the most common and user-friendly online applications in Tehran to call a taxi. These applications are available to download at Google play and App store on your phone or tablet.

Online Apps

We glad to offer our passengers the taxi booking services with experienced drivers. You can book a taxi, just by filling the taxi request form below or call us with the numbers in the site.


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