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Isfahan Music Museum
Isfahan Music Museum

The Isfahan Music Museum, The amazing treasure of musical instruments throughout Iran and world 

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The Isfahan Music Museum is the hidden jewel and art niche of Iranian traditional instruments in Isfahan. From the ancient, music has always had considerable importance to Iranians life as if, it turns into one of their vital organs.

The museum was established by two local musicians Mehrdad Jeyhooni and Shahriar Shokrani in 2015 and more than 300 musical instruments collected throughout the world, especially traditional Iranian instruments are showcased to the music buffs.

The Isfahan Music Museum sits on a beautiful leafy street in the ancient Jolfa District, away from Naqshe Jahan and famous historical bazaar of Isfahan. Visiting the Music Museum is a charming experience for tourists because they can experience the pleasure of listening to traditional music and Persian poetry that performed by Iranian music masters.

This museum has succeeded to receive two awards in the short time it’s been open, the latest from the International Council of Museums (Icom) for the best privately-run museum in Iran.  

These musical instruments include the Kamanche, the ancestor of the European violin family and the Tar, the precursor of the guitar, a variety of animal-skin drums, Ney, the nomadic camel bells and a beautiful harp. All of them keep in beautiful brilliant cabinets in which each of them hanging on a white wall. Meanwhile, wandering inside the museum, the visitors can try some less-precious instruments and experience playing them.

The Isfahan Music Museum is the first privately-run museum in Iran, which split into different sections include Hall of national instruments, Hall of regional instruments, The Home of Iranian traditional music, The Instrument Factory, The Gift Shop, Café and The Home of Music.

It is interesting to know that, only a few months after it’s been open, a multitude number of foreign tourists took their positive comments on Tripadviser. So, it has been turned to the one of the main Isfahan tourist attractions.



The Isfahan Music Museum, is ready to welcome visitors every day from 9AM till 9PM except the closing days of the museum. The entrance fee to the museum is 100.000 IRR for Iranian visitors and 300.000 IRR for foreign visitors.


The Isfahan Music Museum is located on Mehrdad St. (Shahid Ghandi) in Jolfa District. If you want to know how to get the Isfahan Music Museum from Tehran, you can see more details about Tehran-Isfahan buses and terminals as follows:

 Bus from Tehran to Isfahan

Tehran's Bus Terminals

Isfahan’s Bus Terminals

2018-05-22 | by HiPersia Content production
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