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Iran Deserts Tour
Iran Deserts Tour

Iran Deserts Tour

Iran Desert tour is one of the best Adventures through Iran Deserts. Some people may throw out the imagination of traveling into the depths of winter. But it's best to know that there are some wonderful places that are only suitable for visiting during the winter months. View Our Iran Deserts Tour

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Overview of Iran Desert Tour 

Set your mind at rest in the absolute silence of the desert and let your imagination run wild! Enchanted with the voodoo of the desert, take in the breathtaking sceneries and a limitless panorama of the sand dunes and sky as if they sew together. Traveling to the Iran’s deserts in the depths of autumn and winter, is a warm experience in the cold days. Silence and tranquility, are the significant features of the desert that divorce yourself from the crowds and the frustration of the cities. Deserts spread over a quarter of Iran's plateau and are widespread in the corners of the country. From the Lut Desert, which is the hottest spot on the earth, to the Maranjab Desert, which has many lovers, there is a magic power that enchants you until the rest of your life. Sand therapy, walking on the sand dunes, cycling, riding ATVs, off-roading, skiing on the sand and camel trekking are the tourism capacities of the Iran deserts. Hipersia provides various Iran desert tours, so be with us for more dreams of Iran deserts.




Maranjab Desert: The Darling of the Desert Lands


Maranjab Desert tour  


Roll down from the High sand dunes, stare up at a clear azure sky and riding on a camel. Maranjab Desert is one of the most picturesque desert lands in Iran, where located in the north of Arran & Bidgol city in Isfahan province. In addition to the natural beauty of the Maranjab Desert, it is covered with varied plants and animals that make the environment very attractive to nature enthusiasts. Maranjab was originally the name of a caravanserai and Qanat (an old system of water supply from a deep well with a series of vertical access shafts) that was built under the rule of the Great Shah Abbas during the Safavid era, so the surrounding areas were known as the Maranjab Desert.

 Some of the attractions you are going to visit:



Mesr Desert: Sea of Sands


Mesr Desert tour 


A vast area of silence and calm, which is a close companion to the scorching sun for many days, and is renewed at night by its magnificent starry sky. You should be the eyes and ears when walking into the heart of this beauty. The Mesr Desert is located 55 km from the city of Khor in Isfahan province. This name is taken from the village of Mesr, where you can visit and stay for a night. The sand dunes are extremely beautiful and they are so wide that they will not disappear from your eyes. In the simplest way, the Mesr Desert exposes a lot of beauties that will stare at your eyes.

 Some of the attractions you are going to visit:



Varzaneh Desert: The Heaven of Astronomers


Varzaneh Desert tour 


Cast up your tent and lay on the sea of sands under the open sky. From the Varzaneh Desert there is nothing to see but a vast expanse of desert. Varzaneh Desert is one of the deserts that you will never forget it. The desert is located 100 km in the east of Isfahan. The sand hills of the Varzaneh Desert are different from anywhere else. The winds that hit the desert have given different shapes to these hills. As you go there, you feel that each of these hills has a tale to tell. Among the attractions that you can find around this desert is the Gavkhoni wetland and the Ghurtan Citadel. There are also local houses to stay in the region and enjoy the beautiful night sky.

 Some of the attractions you are going to visit:   



Lut Desert: The Hottest spot on Earth 


Lut Desert tour 


Set your heart on this journey through the desert territory. The unsurpassed desert of Lut has many spectacular sceneries in its heart. Every year, countless desert enthusiasts are eager to see these wonders in the Lut Desert.

 Some of the attractions you are going to visit:   



Dasht-e Kavir Desert: The Great Salt Desert



The Dasht-e Kavir Desert is the largest desert in Iran, extending from the southern slopes of Alborz to the Iran’s plateau. In the heart of the desert there are many deserts and protected areas, including Khar Turan and Kavir National Park. By traveling through the Dasht-e Kavir Desert, many beauties and secrets are uncovered. The hives-like shapes on the salt marsh, yellow soil and black salt are abundant throughout the desert and some part of the desert is covered with openings in the form of a volcano crater that created by the rapid evaporation of water.

 Some of the attractions you are going to visit:   


Camel-riding in Iran's desert

Enjoy camel riding under the clear open sky. Just visualize yourself on a camel, trekking up & down the sand dunes through the mysterious deserts as if you are afloat on the sea of sand. Hipersia offers customizable camel-riding tours in Iran for a variety of flavors. See more about Camel riding tour here.


Hipersia Iran Desert tours

All Hipersia Iran desrt tours share a common love of adventure. We share our traveler’s concern & enthusiast about organizing & operating desrt tours & we do our best to figure it out.  


Necessary Equipment for Iran Desert Tour 


 First aid kit

 Sunscreen lotion

 Spare tire

 Map or GPS

 Extra fuel

 Suitable cloths

 Hats & Desert Scarf


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2022-01-07 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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