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Mount Tochal
Mount Tochal

The Mount Tochal (3962 m) that is a part of Alborz range, is one the highest peak in Tehran, Which is known as Bam-e Tehran.

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If you want to have a multiple experience, follow us to show you one the highest peak in Tehran.The Mount Tochal (3962 m) is a part of Alborz range and one of the highest peak in Tehran, which is known as Bam-e Tehran. It is a popular recreational region for Tehran's residents. A gondola lift, named Tochal Tele cabin runs from Tehran to the Tochal Ski Resort and the modern Tochal Hotel, all as a part of Tochal Complex.Tochal complex includes: walking and spending time in silence at Bam-e Tehran. Enjoy the longest line of Tele cabin and sledding, Bunji-jumping and Paintball. The peace and silence of the Tochal, especially on ordinary days, can help you to relax for some hours.


Waterfall & cave

This area has created a fascinating Promenade with a beautiful waterfall and rocky steps to reach to the cave near the waterfall.


Mountain climbing

The most important shelter of tochal (from east to west) are: Darband, Kolakchal, Shervin, Shirpala, Tochal shelter, Amiri, Osun hotel, the 5thstation of Tochal tele cabin, Espid kamar, Palangchal. If you are a mountain climbing buff, Tochal complex is a fabulous suggestion.Choose the best route for landing. You can go to 7th station of tele cabin, then go back straight to Velenjak.The shortest route is go back from climbing route.


mount Tochal 



May and November are the best time to climb because the weather condition is stable. Remember if you choose winter for mountain climbing, due to the lack of time, do not miss from tele cabin  for landing time.(closing time is about 3 o’clock in the afternoon). in danger call 125(firefighter),Mount Tochal is considered one of the most dangerous peak of Iran.


It is possible to reach the mount Tochal from various routes: 

  1. Darband, shirpala shelter, amiri shelter, summit of Tochal.(the most common route).  
  2. Jamshidie Park, Kolakchal shelter, Piazchal valley, summit of Piazchal, summit of Tochal. 
  3. Velenjak(Bam-e Tehran), 5th station of tele cabin, 7th station of tele cabin, summit of Tochal. 
  4. Darake, Palangchal shelter, 5th station of tele cabin, 7th station of tele, summit of Tochal. Darabad, summit of Darabad, summit of Piazchal, summit of Tochal.
  5. Darband, osun dilemma, Osun valley, Espid kamar shelter, 7th station of tele cabin, summit of tochal.(the oldest route) 
  6. North range from Shakrab and Ahar to summit of Tochal. 
  7. North range from Shahrestanak village to summit of Tochal.


2022-08-26 | by Niloofar Gerami
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