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Shahzadeh Garden
Shahzadeh Garden

In the heart of the deserts of Kerman, there is a verdure Mansion that astonishes man. Soaring Trees, Beautiful fountains and the beautiful architecture of the mansion It is the best feature of this mansion designed by Iranian craftsmen architects.

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The Shahzadeh Garden located 2 km from Mahan city and around Kerman province. This garden was built on the orders of Mohammad Hassan Khan Sardar Iravani (Ruler of kerman) during the Qajar period. Later, the gardens built by Abdulhamid Mirza Naser al-Dawlah (the next ruler of the city) which was, of course, half-finished. It said that when the news of the death of the ruler of Kerman came to the attention of the person who was masonry, He threw his tool to wall, and went away. The results of this negligence today with the blank space of the tiles on the entrance door are quite visible.


shahzadeh Garden


The first thing that amazes you after entering the garden is to see a watery stream in the garden. Water is available in the Shahzadeh's Garden from subterranean and the Tigran River, which originates from the snowy mountains of Jupar Mountains. The steep slope, which is one of the basics of gardens, makes the water flow through the stream from the top of the Shahzadeh's garden. 



One of the remarkable advantages of this garden is its fountains. These fountains are very cleverly built and are only active on the base of height difference, slope application, and no other force. The dance of the fountains is the most spectacular and fascinating parts of the Shahzadeh's Garden, which can be considered as one of the most beautiful fountains of Iranian gardens. The interesting point is that the samples of the fountains in the two main ponds in the garden rarely see in Iranian gardens, and most likely, they come from European gardens and springs.




The garden is built on an area of 407 by 122 meters and is spreading in an area of 7.5 hectares. In the Shahzadeh's Garden, we see pavilion or mansions in two eastern and western complexes that are made of two floors and have been used by Iranian architectural elements. To make this collection of bricks and mortars, and tile art also uses.

If you want to stay the night in the garden, there is a hotel that you can stay in it and also provide a restaurant that is open to guests.


Shahzadeh Garden


The best time to go to this beautiful garden in the spring, autumn and winter seasons. People come together for a variety of occasions, such as the new year.


After 25 km on Kerman-Bam Road, 6 km from Mahan city you will get to the Shahzadeh's Garden. Next to the garden, there is a car park where you can park your car there. The Shahzadeh's Garden welcomes guests from 8 AM to 10 PM every day. The entrance to the garden for tourists is 200,000 Rials.


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