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Zahedan Airport
Zahedan Airport

Zahedan Airport is the main airport of Sistan and Baluchestan province which is located in the southeast of Zahedan.

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Zahedan Airport is an International Airport which considered as the eighth international airport in Iran. This airport is located in Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchestan Province. Due to its specific location, Zahedan Airport is so important to air transportation in the east region of the country. The first international flights of this airport were operated 60 years ago to India and Pakistan. In 2016, Zahedan Airport operated 4,153 flights, 485,734 passengers and 4,023,290-kilogram cargo were transferred by this airport. Currently, about 5-8 domestic and international flights operate at this airport every day.



Zahedan Airport has three terminals. Two of them used for domestic and international flights and the other one used for Pilgrimage. Zahedan Airport is equipped to the ILS system, this device is used for low visibility, storm, and inclement weather.

Also, the airport facilities include some different part as follows:

Check in, lost and found, Baggage claim area, Luggage storage, shop centers, Restaurant, and ATM.



Zahedan Airport offers flights to Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Chabahar, Gorgan, and Kerman. It also offers international flights to Dubai, Baghdad, Najaf, Damascus and jeddah.

The airlines working with this airport are as follows:

Iran Air iran air

Mahan Air mahan air

Aseman Air aseman air

Iran Airtour iran airtour




There are many alternatives to get access to the Ahvaz Airport via private car or public transportations such as a taxi. If you willing to use your private car, you need to access the Imam Ali square, Motahhari Boulevard, and Shohada Entezami Boulevard, it takes 8 minutes to get the airport.


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