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Dozaleh, Iranian musical instruments
Dozaleh, Iranian musical instruments

Dozaleh is a kind of Iranian wind instruments with two vocal pipes which has a powerful sound. It is commonly used in the Zagros region.

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Dozaleh is one of the Iranian musical instruments in the Zagros region. It is a kind of old folk wind instrument with two reeds or mouthpieces (A thin strip of material that vibrates to produce a sound on a musical instrument). Also, Dozaleh is a woodwind instrument. It contains two vocal pipes arranged together.

This instrument consists of two tubes which made of different material such as a cane or metal. The best one made of the bones of the wing of the hound birds which are parallel and tight. Each pipe has a reed that separated from the other one. Also, throughout each pipe, six holes are embedded which are accurately aligned. The reed carved on a thin cane in the blowing place. The player does not interrupt breathing during the performance. The world of Dozaleh includes two parts. Do means two and zal means cane.

Dozaleh has a short length about 20 centimeters. It has a powerful sound. Usually, it plays with Tonbak in mirth celebrations. The repertoire of this instrument includes dance and song. Dozaleh has an audio range of two octaves. It depends on the size of the instrument. Abu Nasr Farabi had called it Mezmarol-Mosana or Mozdavadg. Dozaleh has a sound like Neyanban, but clearer than it.


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2019-04-08 | by Mohsen FatehiPeykani
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