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Pink lake in Lipar Lagoon
Pink lake in Lipar Lagoon

The Lipar Lagoon, also known as the Pink Chabahar Lake, is one of the spectacular attractions in Chabahar, a specific lagoon in southern Iran.

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Lipar Lagoon is known as one of Chabahar's main attractions due to its unique nature. It is interesting to know that only four similar examples of this lagoon exist in the world. If you want to know where and how you can get to Lipar lagoon, stay with us.

Lipar Lagoon is located along the coastal path of Chabahar to Gwadar Bay on the coast of Gulf of Oman. Also, Lipar Lagoon situated on a rocky valley overlooking the mountain. You will see an eye-catching view and different animal and plants species in this area. Moreover, endangered species marbled duck lives in this lake.

There is a plain next to this pink lake which is called as Dashtar by local people. Dashtar means bride in Sistani dialect. Due to the green nature of this area, this plain is named Dashtar.

pink lake


Lipar Lagoon looks pink because of the presence of planktons. The abundance of organic and mineral matters, which flow through the rivers and firths in Lipar Lagoon, increase the amount of biological process in some seasons of the year.


Chabahar pink lake is a suitable destination for birdwatching. The prominent species of bird of Lipar Lagoon are as follows: coot, phoenicopterus, grebes, Great egret, Grey heron, sandgrouse, See-see partridge, Grey francolin, Tawny eagle, Eurasian teal, kestrel, and Western swamphen.


Because of the soft, swampy ground around the lagoon, don’t go around the Lipar Lagoon with the car. It is better to park your car next to the coastal road of Gwadar Bay, then walk towards reach the Lipar Lagoon. Also, persons weighing over 100 kilograms probably has drawn into the swampy ground.

 pink lake


You can travel to Chabahar every time in a year. Due to the humid weather, Winter and early Spring is the best time to visit Lipar Lagoon. Moreover, during summer from late July until early September is the best time to see recreational and cultural events and enjoy the beauties of Chabahar nature.


Lipar Lagoon is located 15 kilometers east of Chabahar, on the coast of Oman Sea. You can see many stunning sceneries as you go from Chabahar to the Gwadar Bay on the coastal road. It does not take long to reach the village of Ramin, and after that, the pink lake catches your attention. It takes about 30 minutes from Chabahar to Lipar Lagoon.


2019-06-10 | by Niloofar Gerami
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