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Meighan Wetland
Meighan Wetland

Meighan Wetland is one of the largest one in Iran, which rare migratory birds move to it annually.

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Meighan Wetland with an area of 25 thousand hectares is one of the greatest one in Arak, Markazi Province. Desert nature has created a fabulous view of this place. Meighan Wetland is the habitat of some of the rare migratory birds in Iran that is considered as one of the marvelous natural attractions for birdwatching. It is also considered as a top ten wetland of Iran with varied wildlife. Perhaps it will be interesting to know that this wetland dates back to the Paleocene epoch.

Meighan Wetland  

Meighan Wetland  

Sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, and a bird guide pocket book are the required things during the journey. Pay attention to wear brown, green, and cream, colored cloths; because wearing hot colored clothes can scare birds.

Meighan Wetland


If you enjoy birdwatching in Meighan Wetland, suggest you travel to Arak during winter and spring. This wetland has a dry Mediterranean climate. During winter and spring, this region has mild weather and migratory birds move here.


Meighan Wetland is located near the Arak, Markazi Province. To reach there, you can go from Khomein to the north highway. Then reach to Tareh-bar Square. Follow the route straightly, about one to two kilometers you will see a side road. At the beginning of the side road, there is a Sodium sulfate factory. Four kilometers after the factory, you will reach the Meighan Wetland.

2019-07-16 | by Niloofar Gerami
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