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In every city of Iran, you find various pastries and souvenirs. One of Kerman's delicious pastries is Kolompeh.

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Kolompeh is a traditional pastry for Kerman province that is cooked in other cities today. Inside this delicious pastry are ingredients of crushed dates, cardamom, and other flavors. Dates, wheat flour, walnuts, and oil are the main ingredients of this traditional pastry. Pistachio or sesame powder usually use for decorating Kolompeh.




Kolompeh has been made with the traditional way by Kerman’s women in the past. These women made this pastry with local oil, Kerman palm dates, and firewood. Traditional Kolompeh made by hand and had a simple appearance. Nowadays, Kolompeh has become one of the main pastries of Kerman, which is usually cooked in workshops and the oven. They use a variety of formats to make it. This pastry is made in different types of walnut, sesame, and pistachio.




You can buy Kolompehs from most Kerman confectioneries. Of course, Reza confectionery is popular in Kerman. This confectionery is located on Bahmanyar Street. at the end, if you are a Kerman traveler, be sure to try Kolompeh.




2019-08-01 | by Naghmeh Nikoo
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